Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What's Up Wednesday: TTues on iPad; Up and Running With CS5; Infinity and Beyond; High Speed Flash Sync; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

Before I start today, I've got a few quick announcements for you.

D-Town Back On The Air

DAZ D-Town First off, I want to let you know I've done a few episodes for D-Town TV.  I have to say, they are always fun to do and when I'm in the vicinity of NAPP World Headquarters, I always try to stop by.

Well, I was by right after Photoshop World this past April.  Matt Kloskowski asked me to do a few episodes while we were in town. I just found out that two of them have aired so far.  You can catch me on Episode #37 and #39 - all good stuff, always worth the trip to D-Town TV.

It’s Official – I’m Scheduled For Friday Photo School

Friday Photo SchoolIt's official, I'm scheduled for a 90 minute episode of Friday Photo School.  My buddy, Will Crocket, has Friday Photo School rocking' with over 8,000 folks signing on every month to hear the programs.

I've worked out a very intense 90 minute program for my episode on August 6, 2010. Check out all the info right here, it should be a blast.  I'll keep you posted as we get closer to the date.

Those are the announcements. let's get on with What's Up Wednesday.  Here we go...

Technique Tuesday Episodes On iPad

A few weeks ago I mentioned that had announced HTML5 beta support for their videos on the iPad. I signed on immediately and my last two Technique Tuesdays "Light Up My Life" and "My Favorite Bridal Portraits" played just fine on my iPad. 

This week's TTues pops up on my iPad but didn't play the first few times.  Now it works just fine after refreshing it. I'm not sure what's up but I'm looking into it. Vimeo supports the iPad but not for embedding. Stay tuned, I love my iPad and want the TTues episodes to work on the iPad as well.

To Infinity and Beyond

I think Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story fame had something to do with this article I saw at PCWorld. In the article they feature a free program called CombineZM that lets you combine different photos  taken of the same subject but at different focusing distances into one image with infinite focus. Hey, just a little geek action for Wednesday - here is the link to the article.

Up and Running With CS5

Whats New In CS5Mark Johnson, formerly part of the crew of the now defunct Radiant Vista, has had his site up and running for quite a while. It is a "must visit" for anyone reading this post today.  His site is jammed packed with  Photoshop tutorials.

He just finished a 10 part series on what's new in CS5. Check it out right here.  His info is thorough and well presented. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

The New CS5 Knowledge Panel, Oh My!

OK, if you didn't get PS5 overload from the Mark Johnson site I mentioned above, then head over to Creative Pro right here and see what's cooking with a few goodies discussed by Terri Stone. She introduces you to CS5's new Configuator Panel. But, what I like best is the new Knowledge Panel. It’s everything you always wanted to know about Photoshop - and only one mouse click away!

Last But Not Least - High Speed Flash Sync

Fellow blogging buddy and all around super nice guy, Kerry Garrison,  at [link] has a great piece on the often misunderstood High Speed Flash Sync function of today's sophisticated strobes. It's about the best article I've seen on the topic. 

Hi Speed Flash Sync High speed flash sync lets your camera sync at ANY shutter speed.  Kerry's article is well documented with great diagrams showing you exactly how it works – it’s very nicely done.  He also gives you several tips and tricks on when to use this flash functionality in your everyday shooting. Again, check it out right here.


NewsletterHey gang, that's it for me today.  I'm trying to get my newsletter out today so I've got to get moving along.  BTW, you can sign up for my Newsletter in the right hand column of the DPT blog. Or just sign up right here.

I’ll plan to see you back here tomorrow for another profit building episode of Business Day Thursday.

See ya' then,  -David

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