Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Webcast Wednesday: Fast and Easy Album Design

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope yesterday's Technique Tuesday's post – Running Lightroom on a Network [link] didn't crash any computers out there;~)  More importantly, I hope you gave it a try and it gives you at least a partial solution to Lightroom's "network neutered" situation.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the next Lightroom version solves the issue.

Album Design Crowd OK, today, as you know we have our free webcast on digital design. I'm foregoing a lengthy post today because we've got to get everything organized for the webcast in just a few hours. These webcasts are more involved that just hitting the PLAY button and letting things rip.

Let me just give you a few examples of some of the digital designs we use here in the studio.

Wedding Albums:  The big part of my business is our design process at my studio.  Each album is first designed and then reviewed before going to the "presses."  This is my "bread and butter" product. Each session, not just the obvious wedding celebrations but also including seniors, families, babies…. it is my intention that the client will leave with an album in-hand.  It better look fantastic!Wedding Album design

Senior albums: Most of us shoot lots of photographs at our senior sessions, but how many of those images are finally delivered to the client? Unfortunately, not many.  That's why we started offering a senior album option.  Now the client has a place to put all those other images - a great sales ad-on.Senior design

Suggestion Selling:  We've designed several "Suggestion" templates into which we drop the client's actual images.  Now they can see first hand what the finished digital product will look like. It sure helps us to get to "YES" a lot more often when making the sale.Suggestion Selling

Vendor Collages:  For me, it's always about connecting with my "vendor buddies" and continuing to offer complimentary photographs to them of their products and services.  We can do it quickly and easily with our design templates.  The 11x14 print and frame do not break the bank and we are able to create a great sales piece for a vendor that features not only their products/services but also OUR photography - very effective advertising.Vendor Frame

Those are just a few of the things we are going to be discussing today.  It's super easy to put these designs together and once designed, can be used over and over again for your next project.  I really hope you can join us later today.  We still have a a few seats left and you can still register right here.  See you at 2:00 P.M. EDT.


Time for me to get moving gang.  If I miss you today, I'll see you tomorrow for another episode of Business Day Thursday.

See ya' then,  -David


  1. Awesome webcast today, David. Thank you for everything. Brian F.

  2. For those unable to see the webcast, will it be available for online viewing or download?

  3. Excellent webcast, the only sad part was that I couldn't watch the end of it and I missed how to get the fotofusion software for only $99, is it posible to tell me how to get it for that price($99.00) please?