Friday, June 11, 2010

Catching Up Friday: Thank Yous; Facebook; Lightroom 3; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

Whew!  What a week it's been.  Each day seemed longer than the next so I'm really glad the weekend is right around the corner.  You probably are too;~). 

I want to make this short and sweet today and try to savage some of the day for a little time off - hope you don't mind.  On that note then, I'm off and running.  Here we go...

First Off, A Few Thank You's

Moose Peterson If you haven't been over to Moose Peterson's site [link] for a while, you should make the trip.  Moose always has great advice, gorgeous images, and informative resources for photographers.  I want to send my personal thanks to Moose Peterson for his kind words about my "Captured By The Light" book right here

You might be asking what a wild life photographer would be reading a book on wedding photograph.  Maybe this is why "...Don’t let the wedding stuff fool ya’, yeah it’s in there but the book is really about the play of light." Thanks again Moose.

Also thanks to Mike Wiacek for his very kind words in his review right here of my recently released 2010 Success Collection. Mike Wiacek

Mike mentioned to me that he had one major complaint as he watched the DVDs. I was really concerned and asked about the problem. He said that regardless how many times he watches the DVDs, and he told me he has watched them many, many times, that he has NEVER won a door prize ;~). Thanks for the good giggle and your kind review!

Problems With DPT Posting On Facebook

Problems LR Black As many of you know, I have the DPT blog post automatically to my Facebook page.  Everything seemed to be working just fine, although I did see a "hic-cup" now and then.  Well, it must be "hic-cup" time again.  I received a message telling me that the posts were coming across all bundled together and the older posts were easy to miss.

I was talking to my Internet guru buddy last night who confirmed with me that Facebook has been having some problems recently.  Hey, with 500,000,000 million users and still growing, I guess things get bogged down occassionally.

My advice to to all my Facebook buddies is to just plan to stop by directly to pick up your daily dose of all things digital.  I'll keep an eye on the issue and hope it will resolve shortly.

Check Out These Podcasts

DigitalPhtoExperience I don't remember if I've blogged this before but I still didn't want you to miss Rick Sammon's site, DPExperience right here. Rick has lots of stuff posted so the site is definitely worth checking out.  A few months ago, I along with several others at Photoshop World did a podcast with Rick.  You can find that podcast right here.

1001 Noisy Cameras Always Has Something New Happening

1001 Noisy CAmeras Fellow blogging buddy, 1001 Noisy Cameras just started a new feature on his unbelievably dynamic site. I actually think his site is secretly the work of hundreds of bloggers ;~).  Anyway, all joking aside, he just stated his "Site of The Day" feature. You can check it out right here. Very cool - it's always nice to see what new surprises await.  My thanks to 1001 for featuring DigitalProTalk in the June archives. Keep up the good work 1001!

Jules And Julia - Kind Of

A few weeks back my "Google Alerts" picked up a story at Mike Kennamer's blog Manual DSLR Project [link]. Here is a short excerpt from Mike's opening page.

MAnual DSLR Project"Inspired in part by the movie Julie and Julia (my wife made me watch it) and professional photographers like David Ziser (who blogs on Digital Pro Talk six days a week), Kerry Garrison (of Camera Dojo fame), Gavin Seim (Pro Photo Show), and others, I am giving myself one year - 365 days - to learn to use manual mode on my Nikon D300. Rather than taking that journey alone, I am inviting you to join me in this journey. Learn from my mistakes. Celebrate with me as my fingers remember which wheel adjusts the shutter speed and which controls the aperture settings."

Mike, I have to say, I'm very flattered to be mentioned, but I think you've really hit on an amazing idea.  The best way to learn is to practice.  I'm going to be checking back with you now and then to see how your project is progressing.  Best of luck!

Just One Minor Disappointment With Lightroom 3

LR3 NetworkOne reason I fell a little behind this week was because I was playing around just a little too much with the brand new Lightroom 3.  Overall, I am ecstatic with the new release. But, and it's a giant, big booty BUT - Lightroom 3 STILL DOES NOT WORK across a network.  What a bummer.  We have been working around the LR NO NETWORK issue for that last two years or so, but it occasionally leads to a few workflow snafus at my studio. 

Rumor had it this latest, greatest version was going to solve the issue.  I know a few large studios that are continuing to steer clear of Lightroom simply because of it's lack of network usability.  It's too bad Adobe hasn't addressed this major issue.  It was not a deal breaker for us, but it is still a "pain in the neck" to deal with on a daily basis.  Come on Adobe, you can do it - we all know you can!

You can find further discussion on the issue right here at Allen Gambrell’s blog.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I'm slipping' into my “shorts and tennies” and heading out to enjoy the rest of the day.  You guys and girls try to do the same this weekend. 

I'll plan to see you next week, same time, same station. Keep you pixels smilin' and I'll see ya' on Monday.

Adios,  -David


  1. I think if you map a network drive it should work over a network, i'm fairly sure i've added from a folder on another computer before via this method.

    (my computer/tools/map network drive)
    ((if you are on win7/vista you may need to cut off UAC))
    I'll try to test it his weekend.

  2. yup just double checked with LR3, it works! Here is a screenshot of what it looks like once it's mapped (shows up as a separate drive with it's own letter) here is screen shot of me importing from my mapped drive.

    LOVE your book huge it is help with my wedding shooting.

    let me know if i can be of any assistance!

  3. Funny that you said that about 1001 Noisy Camera's because I can't keep up with you and all the great stuff you have on the blog. I've wondered if you secretly have a hundred photographers making this site so useful and slick.

  4. hi david. loved the book. quick question....what if you shoot weddings on your own like i do most of the time??? its hard to get that light behind the couple or in the side position when youre in a hurry. any pointers????