Monday, June 14, 2010

"The Guardian"

The Guardian

"The Guardian"
©David A. Ziser

OK, this image may surprise you a bit when I tell you the back-story.  Over the weekend, LaDawn and I visited the Cincinnati Conservatory where they were featuring their annual Butterfly Show.  On the way into the exhibit, we had to pass through the Bonsai Tree exhibit.  I have always been fascinated with Bonsai trees and remain inspired by how the gardener achieves these wonderful, natural works of art.  OK, I had to take a few shots of these dwarf trees just for the fun of it. End of part 1 of the story.  Part 2 of the back-story begins with me testing my new Canon iPF 8100 inkjet printer over the weekend.  I wanted to see how it would print some of my fine art images on canvas.  This image of a Manzanillo, Mexico sunset was conveniently at hand so I printed off a copy.  Later in the day, it was back to Lightroom to review the shots from the Butterfly Show and up popped the image of the bonsai tree.  That's when it hit me - wouldn't be cool to collage the small bonsai tree with the glorious Manzanillo sunset.  Time to fire up my brand new CS5 and make it happen.  The colors, visual balance, and textures of the image - I love the finished presentation.  Notice even how the sun seems to be glinting off the trunk of the tree.  Sounds like a possible Technique Tuesday to me.  And that is how you too can spend a super-geek filled weekend with your new Adobe software toys;~).

Camera specs: Sunset; Nikon D300 fitted with 18-200 IS lens at 48mm, F 11 @ 1/800 second, ISO 800.  Bonsai tree; Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm IS lens at 70mm, F 7.1 @ 1/250 second, ISO 1000.  Enjoy!  David


  1. Um, D300? So you didn't shoot the Manzanillo, Mexico sunset? Brian F.