Thursday, June 24, 2010

Webcast: "Fast and Easy Album Design" A Hit!

Fast Easy Title Yep, a BIG hit! Here's what several attendees had to say about yesterday's webcast.  My thanks to everyone for the very kind remarks.

"Thanks! The quality & sheer volume of what you share is a blessing to many of us. Thanks Much!"     …Mark B. - Lexington, Ohio

"Thank You David & rest of team for the show and prize for me :-)"  …Pawel W. - Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us! I LOVE it!"   ...Geneva P. -  Huntsville, Alabama

"Thank you, this was great!"  ...Beverly K. - Sarasota, Florida

"Thanks David. Great information."  ...Kortney J. - Powell, Tennessee

"The webinar was wonderful thanks for your time all the great info. And I won a door prize!!" Holly W. - Austin, Texas 

"AMAZING!"  … Philip G. - Florence, South Carolina

In the program, I mentioned some great Webcast specials we have running at our Digital Resource Center right now [link].  The BIG hit of the show - how to get Lumapix: FotoFusion, a $299 program, for only $99! Here is how it works.

Webcast Deals This deal won't last forever - you can check it out right here.

"Fast And Easy Album Design" – Now On DVD!

A DVD of the webcast is available at our Digital Resource CenterFast and Easy Album DesignThe cost of the DVD will be only $29 but that INCLUDES a $29 voucher good for any future purchases at our Digital Resource Center – what a deal – that kind of makes it FREE.

"Fast And Easy Album Design – Part 2"

And lastly, because I only got through about 1/2 of the material I wanted to cover in yesterday's program, I'm scheduled and brand new webcast "Fast and Easy Album Design - Part 2" for Tuesday, July 6, 2010  2:00 – 4:00 EDT. This time around, we have over $1,200 in door prizes to give away!

Once again, my thanks to my webcast team here at DigitalProTalk, all the sponsors who supported the program with over $1,000 in door prizes, and all of you who made the program such a success.



  1. I had to leave before you finished the lumapix demo.. I have a question about your images.
    It looks like they are all jpgs.. is that the format you have to use?

    and then what size and resolution do you use for the jpgs to work with them in this app?


  2. @ Dave - I'm not Master David but in case he doesn't see your inquiry, I use FotoFusion and I bring JPG files into my projects--usually at quality 10. FF will bring in NEF files, but not PSD files. I'm not aware what other formats it will import. Brian F.

  3. For me, jpeg quality at 10 is plenty for any bridal album montages!

  4. Dave and LaDawn - Awesome presentation as always!

  5. Just so I'm keep your jpg the size that you shot it, quality 10 and do all cropping in lumapixs... yes?


  6. I personally shoot raw, edit in ACR and/or CS4, save as PSD's and then resize down to jpg 10 to bring into FotoFusion. And then at that point, yes, I crop from within FotoFusion. FF does a non-destructive crop like as is the case in Lighroom. Thx, Brian F.