Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Lightroom, Photoshop, Photography, Education and More

Good Morning Everybody,

Hope everybody had a great weekend.  Things were pretty lazy around here over the weekend and we really enjoyed the break. But today is Monday and we are off and running for another week.

Gold Nuggets - LR Over the weekend break, I got a chance to just take some time surfing the net and looking for those little gold nuggets I get to post here at DPT. 

Another nugget finder is Tweetdeck which is a great way to follow other Twitterers - at least those who tweet decent content.  There is so much junk available, why in the world would you care what someone was having for dinner or that they found a cow on Farmville? 

Maybe it's just me, but I refuse to waste my time posting or reading that kind of "time wasting" content.  Sorry, I’m on my soapbox and getting a little off track.  How about we get on with today's post where I can point you towards another treasure trove of cool news, tips, and tricks you can use.  Here we go.

Lightroom - Tips and Freebies, What Could Be Nicer?

Thanks Gavin

Seim Effects There are a few folks I follow on Twitter who really provide some solid content for their readers.  I want to point you towards a few things I picked up from fellow blogging buddy, Gavin Seim. Gavin has more stuff, I mean information, going on than a 1 arm paperhanger - blogs, podcasts, tweets and more.

Gavin has posted this wonderfully extensive list of where to find FREE Lightroom Presets.  Here is Lightroom Freebie link right here.  Talk about a gold nugget!.

More From The Lightroom Queen

LR3 eBook Another great "gold nugget tosser" is the Lightroom Queen right here.  Victoria Brampton, who just happens to be called the LR Queen is one of Lightroom gurus who always has a unique way to best out of the software.  Be sure to explore her site for a few of her LR3 gold nuggets.  I'm looking forward to her new eBook, Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ's.

Her blog [link] is jammed packed with tons of great Lightroom tips and tricks.  Just surf over to her blog home page right here and do a quick scroll - lots of information, too little time ;~)

A Little Monday Morning CS5 Action

Adobe TV2 Looking for a little CS5 action to enhance your selection techniques.  Selecting and masking is not my strong suit in Photoshop.  I sort of stumble my way through the process and usually end up with a decent result.  The new selection and masking tools in CS5 are world class and it's worth getting to know all the intricacies of the CS5 process. You've got to check out the link right here to Adobe TV.  It shows how to use the latest, greatest selecting and masking tool in CS5.  I've watched it a couple of times and I think it's really good step-by-step information.

And On The Photography Side Of Things

Lots of Tiny Photography Tips

Here are a few photo-centric posts I found over the last few days that I thought you might find interesting.  Gavin Seim, who I mentioned earlier has a nice "common sense" photography post entitled, "Lots of Tiny Photography Tips" right here.

Finding The Blue Hour

Blue Hr2 I discovered the "blue hour" a long time ago but never knew what it was called.  Most sunset watchers think the show is over once the sun drops below the horizon.  How wrong they are. 

The best show is AFTER the sun has set.  The sky goes through a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and hues.  Near the end of the sunset show, the "blue hour" sets in.  That's the time about 30 minutes before the night sky makes it full appearance.

Detlef Winkelewski Fotografie has a nice article on the "Blue Hour" right here.  You can even download his "Blue Hour" tool so you know exactly what time to shoot.  Be sure to cruise Mr. Winkelewski's site - he's got some really nice images in his galleries.

Smoke Photography

Smoke Photography I'm a big fan of "smoke photography" and found a great "how to" article on the subject over at right here. Fascinating, to say the least. Thanks to Yanik's Photo School for the link tweet.

Whoa, What A Workflow

And finally, don't think you have your act together when it come to digital workflow?  Then check out this video from Chase Jarvis (discovered in a Zak Arias tweet) which outlines in the finest detail his digital workflow from "shoot to archive" right here.  You'll have to hit pause about halfway through the 10 minute video just to catch your breath;~) Tons of information.

Upcoming Educational Opportunities You Don't Want To Miss

DWF U in San Diego October 12-14, 2010:

DWF U2 I'll tell you, the Digital Wedding Forum is a great place full of ideas and creative minds for wedding photographers looking for a different edge.  It seems they always have amazing things going on - DWF-U, the DWF Blog [link], their annual convention, and coming up in October their DWF U "Live" in San Diego.  The speaker line up is dynamite including Rosilind, Bob Davis, and Cliff Mautner.  Check it out right here.

Walden U -August 22-24

Tim W2 Hey folks, this one is right around the corner.  This 3 day workshop is conducted by my good friends Tim and Bev Walden [link].  Nobody creates a more beautiful studio portrait/study than Tim and Bev.  They are experts when it comes to marketing as well.  They run a hugely successful studio in Lexington, KY.  In their workshop they will tell and show you how they do both.  LaDawn and I attended a few years ago and it was terrific.

TimW 1 Tim and Bev did one of the shootouts at our recent KPPA Summer School.  I sat in on one of the sessions.  I have to tell you, I am always impressed with Tim and Bev's easy manner, articulate presentation, and beautiful photography. The image accompanying this post is one of Tim's shots I nabbed during his presentation - his lighting is simply gorgeous, truly breath taking.  Hope you can make it to Walden U.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Things are shaping up to be a busy week so I've got to get back to my real job.  I hope to see everyone here tomorrow for another Technique Tuesday: Fantastic Facial Enhancement In Lightroom 3.

See ya' then.  -David

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