Friday, June 04, 2010

Inspiration Friday: 7 Sites To Tingle The Brain Juices

Good Morning Everybody,

It may be the end of the week for many, but for us it’s the start of a two event weekend.  This afternoon and evening we are shooting a high school graduation for one of the prominent high schools in the area.  It’s kind of a cool shoot since I know many of the families. 

Graduation I’ve photographed a few of the, dare I say, moms and dads weddings, of the graduating class.  And, I’ve gotten to know several of the kids because of all the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs we photographed over the years.  It will be fun to catch up with everyone. 

You know, as I’m photographing the graduation services, it’s cool to see how these kids have grown up.  Now these young men and women are heading out on their own brand new life adventures of college and independence.  The whole world is now before them and in your heart, you know many of them will make a difference – and that’s kind of cool.

On Sunday we have a big wedding.  Again, it’s for some great clients.  We did their family portrait a few years ago and now their daughter is being married.  I’m looking forward to the big event.

That’s what’s up around here.  I’m kind of inspired for the weekend.  Let’s see if a few of the links below will help you find a little inspiration of your own this weekend.  Here we go…

Inspiration Friday: Time To Tingle The Brain Juices

You know, I have always loved doing the Inspiration Friday posts over the years. I've said that if we can view someone else's work outside of the field we normally are accustomed to working in, it just gets our brain juices flowing and many times can give a nice creative boost in our own photography.

In today's post I want to point you towards a few photography sites that I been collecting over the last several weeks that just may energize and inspire some new creativity in you. These sites/blogs are listed in no particular order so fasten your seat belts, we're off on another Inspiration Friday!

Arthur Mole 1. Living Photographs Of Arthur Mole [link]:

This first link features the photographic works of Arthur Mole, a turn of the century photographer who produced a phenomenal body of work that will blow your mind when you see how he created these images. 

He was featured in last Sunday's on CBS' Sunday Morning. OK, Think back to 1973 movie Soylent Green.  Remember the main line near the end of the movie - IT'S PEOPLE!!!!  Yes, that's the secret ingredient in Arthur Mole's images - thousands of people that come together in a human mosaic to create his wonderfully entertaining images.  Check out his images right here.

2. Best Of Wedding Photography [link]: 

Many of you know I've been involved in this site since the beginning.  It is a wonderful resource for any wedding photographer wanting to freshen up their work.

Best of Weddinf Photogs Just begin clicking on any of the links.  You will open websites and blogs of some of the most talented photographers from around the world. This is a great place to come up with some cool ideas for your next wedding celebration.

Indigo 3. Indigo Photographics [link]: 

Michael Barton was featured in the last PPA eNewsletter I recently received. It was a nice article on how he built his business.  Just hit the link and watch and enjoy the entire series of images that plays on his opening page - just beautiful images!

4. Lara Jade Photography [link]: 

Lara Jade This site is a fashion photography oriented site with some very provocative and creative fashion images.  I love Jara's eye and how she puts these graphic fashion photo compositions together.

5. FineArtPhotoBlog [link]:

Fine Art PhotoBlog Here is another blog I have been involved with since it's very early days online. I have to confess, I've been a bit lax in posting lately and hope to get some more images uploaded soon.

Nonetheless, this is a really a inspiring collection of works from 9 Photographers from around the world.  Each contributor's style in varied and unique resulting in a great body of work. Just click on any of the photographers listed, sit back and enjoy some truly wonderful imagery.

6. Matthew Gibson Photography [link]:

Matthew Gibson I stumbled on this site just two days ago when I was doing research for Wednesdays post.  Matthew was one of the originators of the Radiant Vista site that was so popular a few years ago.  The original 3 amigos parted company and have continued on their own separate paths.  Matthew's work is a joy to view.  And, he gives the complete background on each image.  Just hit the link right here, sit back and enjoy!

Hand Art 7. Not Even Related To Photography But Still Inspirational - Hand Art [link]:

OK, hand in here with me:~)  This is my final inspirational site for today's post.  Why have I included it with the rest? Simply because of the fact that it gets the brain juices flowing.  This site features the work of hand artist Guido Daniele.  The photographs of his hand paintings is utterly fascinating to view.  There are several examples of his work right here.  Now head on over to Guido's main site right here to see his work taken to the next level - really different, really beautiful, and really inspiring!


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I've got to charge the batteries, polish the lens, and pack the bags for my shoot this afternoon. How about I see everybody next Monday, all the pixels willin’  ;~)

See ya' then and have a great weekend,  David

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  1. Awesome!!! Arthur Mole, photographed the living pic you show here on the blog a 1/4 mile from my house in Chillicothe. The picture was taken at Camp Sherman, a WWI training camp - my grandfather was in that shot! Small world David, and by the way I hope you are planning another SKWWPW walk this year in July. I'd like to make it three for three. They are so much fun!