Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Technique Tuesday, on Wednesday: Fantastic Facial Enhancement Using Lightroom 3; Already Nearly 800 Strong For Next Week’s Webcast! WOW!

Good Morning Everybody,

Crowd graphic 2 LR We did it, we got my upcoming webcast Fast and Easy Digital Design - Part 2 launched yesterday and have nearly 800 folks registered already!!!

Remember, the webcast is only 6 days away and we can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees for the webcast so if you want to be sure you have a seat, be sure to register here right away.  If the attendance continues to grow like this, we’ll start a stand by list.

Hey gang, thanks for letting me move our Technique Tuesday episode to Wednesday.  With the short notice on our webcast announcement, I just didn't want to postpone it to today.  Anyway, it's a really fun tutorial today, so let's get right to it!

You Look Marvelous: Fantastic Facial Enhancement In Lightroom 3

1024x768 - You Look Marvelous OK, everybody knows I'm a big fan of Lightroom, especially Lightroom 3. I was playing around with a few new features and literally tripped over the technique I'm going to show you today. 

I was playing with the adjustment brush trying to figure out a way to locally retouch and enhance parts of the subject's face.  I was working with the clarity and sharpness slider even combining both of them to see what kind of result I could obtain.

I was reasonably happy with the result but was having difficulty applying the effect as accurately as I wanted. That's when I had my "eureka moment." Somehow the exposure slider got moved very far to the left and the brush application, all of a sudden, got very weird.  I had these black splotches all over my image!  But, I could accurately see where I was painting.  When I returned the Exposure slider back to normal what remained was my very accurate facial enhancement to my subject - very cool.

Why not hit the PLAY button below to see exactly what I'm talking about.  The second part of the tutorial also shows you a "Plan B” to get the same great result.  You're going to like this one.  Enjoy!


Right now I've got to get moving.   I have one of my favorite clients stopping by to fine tune the album selection for her son's Wedding. It was a fantastic party and it will be a blast to design the albums. The wedding took place in Vail, Colorado - it will be nice to catch up with mom this afternoon.

Everybody have a great time with everybody that comes into your life today. I remember a piece of advice I heard many years ago, "The best way to have a great day yourself is to help someone else have a great day too."

Hey everybody,  see ya’ tomorrow!



  1. Wow, that tip is fantastic! I can see myself using that a heck of a lot. Thanks very much for sharing, David.

  2. Great tip David. Great shortcut for the portrait photographer. I like the idea of using the exposure for more precision when painting. You can also press the "O" key to see a red overlay for where you have painted, but I like this technique better. I think it gives even more visual control of your brush. The less time in Photoshop the better.

  3. Robin here from UK, another special tip that will be used a lot, thanks so much for the info. How long befor we see Ziser's killer Lightroom tips on Kelby TV. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dave,

    You forgot the important last step: save the original settings as an adjustment brush preset, named "Ziser's Skin Rx" or "Ziser's Skin First Aid". Or just "Z-Aid".

  5. Thanks Dave
    I am pulling up a couple of pictures that this tut will work marvels on. Again thanks for a great tut.BTW this can be used in landscapes as well.
    Dave Spring

  6. Michael McCurdy8:26 PM, June 30, 2010


    You can also view a mask overlay instead of changing the exposure to view your mask.

    Press O to hide or show a mask overlay of the Adjustment Brush tool effect, or use the Show Selected Mask Overlay option in the toolbar.

    Press Shift+O to cycle through a red, green, or white mask overlay of the Adjustment Brush tool effect.


    Thank you again for ALL of your wonderful business and photography insights.

  7. Hi David, sorry to post here, but when will we beable to watch your videos on the iPad?

  8. I've used this technique before, but the Exposure slider was a new one, as I usually use the Overlay to show where I've painted.

    Another issue is that of the skin texture. Are you not concerned with the mix of textures? The areas where you do not use this method will have both more skin texture (pores, hair, etc.) as well as noise/pixels. How, or do you compensate for that?

  9. "when will we be able to watch your videos on the iPad?" When Apple stops playing their stupid games and allow users to have a full internet experience. AMAZING that Apple fanatics put up with having neutered tablets!

  10. Can you put sub-titles for the deaf in English onto all your videos so I can read how to do things on your videos, including those on Vimeo?

    There are many deaf photographers out there who struggle to follow videos.