Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Chillin' Wednesday

Good Morning Everybody,

  Turns Larry Ellisonout yesterday was “Just Chillin’ Tuesday – After taking our normal morning constitution around most of downtown San Diego, we watched the official announcement of the BMW Oracle Racing Trimaran launch  complete wit h Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle and Harrison Ford, of Millennium Falcon fame.

Harrison FordDAZNote: The Wikipedia reads of both gentleman’s bio’s linked above are quite fascinating. 

After the long morning walk, sitting in the sun for two hours, a wonderful lunch at the Prada restaurant in Balboa Park (along with an adult beverage or two) and a quick trip to see the wonderful Ansel AdamsAnsel Adams display at the Museum of Photographic Arts, we were wiped out. We headed back to the hotel and took the rest of the day off – Whew!

Today, though, we are fired up again and heading out to enjoy our San Diego aventures.

Digital Resource Center Updates:

Don't forget, my "Let My Light Shine On" webinar goes live next Wednesday at 8P.M. EDT. I know that makes it kind of late for many of our international listeners.

Webinar_-_Light_Shine_On_-_800pxBut remember, this time around, the $29 registration cost includes a FREE download for all those registered.  That means if you register and can't be with us live for the webinar, you still will be able to hear and see all the good info when the  time is convenient to your schedule. I’ll have the download available within 24 hours of the broadcast.

Pricing after Wednesday's broadcast will be $39 at the Digital Resource Center.  So save yourself $10 and register before next Wednesday. Here is the registration link right here.

Special_-_ZumbrellaWebinar2DVDAlso, the Zumbrella Special ends this weekend too so don’t miss the super deal on my new “shoot thru” Zumbrella and 2 1/2 hours of training that goes with it.  Here is the link to the Zumbrella Special right here . By the way, you can see my Zumbrella in action in my “Love Lines” tutorial right here.

Hey gang, I almost forgot.  I talked with the good folks at Kelby Training a day or so ago asking about when my next training video might go live.  They tell me in just about two weeks or even less.  This video was taped  in Cincy.  I'll let you know when you can tune in.

On we go with Just Chillin' Wednesday

Yep, that's what I'm up to today.  I was just chillin' a bit earlier and found these little tidbits I thought you might enjoy.

Deke's Top 40 Photoshop Features List

Deke TipsAmerica likes it's lists, and another Photoshop guru, Deke McClelland, will be publishing his Top 40 favorite Photoshop features. Deke plans to share one of his favorite techniques every Tuesday on the blog. You should find his first five available right now.  Here is the Deke link right here.

Mark Hamburg Returns To Adobe!

I'll tell you, from the scoop I pick up from my blogging buddies and others in the industry, Mark Hamburg was one of the main heartbeats getting Lightroom up and running.  In fact, he is the first one listed in the Lightroom credits. It was quite a surprise when Mark decided to give his life's adventures a different direction  by heading over to Microsoft about a year ago.  Anyway, he's back.  That should give Lightroom even more "sizzle" in upcoming releases.  You can read the entire story over at the ever popular and informative blog by John Nack right here.

Makes Me Want To Wait For  For A Rainy Day

Dew On LeafAlright, I was digging deep for this one, but every now and then I make the length journey though all my Google Reader bookmarks and come up with a gem or two.  I think this post fits the bill.  Here it is - How To Make Realistic Dew right here

OK, OK, I know this isn't a technique you will use every day, but the processes demonstrated might give you some ideas that might be helpful in your other projects.  Hey, learning is learning, and learning is good.

The A-Z Photoshop Plug-in List

PS plugins One of my favorite, favorite sites to visit on occasion is Smashing Magazine . Wow, do they have good tips, techniques and information available on their site.  Here is their latest list of 40 Free Photoshop plug-ins.  Not all of them are winners, but there are a few gems in the list, and heck, they're free.  Have fun with the browse right here.

And Last But Not Least - Photo Twitterers

PhotoprenuerJust when you thought you had a few minutes of free time to yourself - something pops up to rob you of those few precious moments of just doing nothing.  This is that kind of "something". Yes, you too can follow over 100 Tweeters and jam pack every corner of brain with more photo input that anyone ever thought possible. 

All joking aside, there are good Tweets to be found in the post by our blogging buddies at right here.  Hey, while you are there check out they're book too.

Hey gang, that's a wrap for today.  We are heading up to La Jolla today to see what’s up.  See ya' tomorrow for another business building episode of Business Day Thursday.  See ya' then.  -David


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