Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Technique Tuesday – It's Before And After Time; Love Is Blue

Good Morning Everybody,
I mentioned my new webinar coming up August 19, 2009. I'm putting the finishing touches on it right now. Tomorrow I'll have all the details posted so be sure to check back - I promise, it will another great presentation jammed pack with a ton of information. OK, on with today's Technique Tuesday...

It's Before And After Time; Love Is Blue
A few weeks ago I posted an image entitled, “Love Is Blue.” I mentioned a couple of embellishments I'd added to the photograph. As a result of my comments I received a number of a emails requesting that I do a “before and after” tutorial on this particular image. Well, you're wish is my command;~)

I'll show you the natural setting, (before), in which I captured the image. I'll walk you through what I saw in my "mind's eye" for my finished result. And, then I'll walk you through the all the steps I took to accomplish that result,(after).

This image was made right outside the church during a daylong workshop I did in Chicago recently. I really wanted to add a sense of the “dramatic” to this particular image and I thought I'd do it with color. I remember this sky not being all that exciting – you know, kind of grayish, clouds not too exciting and actually quite dull. I knew my main challenge was to really, really “pop” the sky. The final result is a combination of three elements:

1 – Lighting technique.
2 – Lightroom technique.
3 – Photoshop technique.

Combining these three resources resulted in the photograph that I thought was strikingly different than your normal wedding image. Hit the PLAY button below to see how I pulled it off. Enjoy the show!

Hey gang, that's it for me today. LaDawn and I are planning to head out of town for a week of R&R in San Diego on Saturday. We are trying to get as many projects off our plate as possible before we jump on a jet plane.

One more quick item, I've extended the Zumbrella special [link] till midnight, August 16, 2009. We are still working out the issues with international shipping so I thought I'd extend the special because of this inconvenience to our DPT readers.

Anyway, plan to check back again tomorrow for the wrap up episode of Portrait Day Wednesday – Delivering the Finished Product. See ya' then, -David


  1. Excellent video tuturial, thank you for putting that together.

  2. Great tutorial! Really helpful! thank you

  3. Nice Ziser Juice! Brian F.