Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: News At Nik, Nikon, and Some Super Cool Canon 5D Video Stuff

Relaxing in San Diego - to blog or not to blog - that is the question.  OK, just kidding - but I promised LaDawn that  I would spend only 30 minutes a day blogging.  We  arrived safe and sound on Saturday evening. Switched hotels on Sunday – that’s another story.  Finally got settled in, grabbed an "adult" beverage and enjoyed the sun setting over the ocean.  Ahh, life is good.

I gave my buddies a call at NIK Software last week and we are planning a trip to their world headquarters sometime this week.  I'll tell you, they make the best and most useful plug-ins going for both Photoshop and Light room. I can't wait to see behind the scenes. This sounds like a story down the road to me. I'll keep you posted.

Hey gang, I've got a couple of goodies for you on today's Quick Hit Monday so let's get right to it.

Quick Hit Monday: News At Nik, Nikon, and Some Super Cool Canon 5D Video Stuff

News At Nik -

NIK Logo OK, I know I just mentioned NIK Software, but I just received their news letter right before we headed out last week and I thought I would share it with you - lots of goodies in this one. Here is the link

First of all check out all the FREE webinar archive [link] NIK has available. This is the first time I've seen it - pretty cool stuff.  Even LaDawn, who is not a Photoshop fan, found the NIK tutorials easy and very informative. Also, don't miss some great deals NIK has on their software products - free software, great deals, and more - definitely the sale of the summer at NIK [link].

Nice photo they used to lead off the newsletter too;~)

News At Nikon

Nikon - w-projecter OK, hold on to your hats - you won't believe this one.  I got the lead from my ace #1 assistant and all around nice guy, Nicholas V.  Here is the deal - read the press release on Nikon's new CoolPix S1000pj camera right here.  Yep, you are reading it right - it's got a built in projector built right into the camera!    I'm blown away - What's next in this wonderful, great, digital world of ours?

Oh, by the way, did you see the other features too - New Skin Softening, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix™, Face-Priority AF, and I love this one - Smile Timer, Blink Proof and Blink Warning.  I can't wait to get these features on my Canon 5D Mark II!

Super Cool Canon 5D Mark II Video Stuff

Cinima 5D IIOK gang, I'm wrapping with this one today. Prepare to hold onto your seat after you hit the PLAY button below! I always like scanning the Imaging Insider for new things - always a fun browse -  and this time I stumbled onto this great link to tons of Canon 5D Mark II videos over at [link]. WOW - almost 800 of them and in hi-def! Just click on "Shot on 5D" and enjoy. Folks, these are not your ordinary home movie videos.  These babies will knock-your-socks-off so go check them out.  I'm wrapping with one of my favs - enjoy!

UBERLIFE - trailer from Jovan Todorovic on Vimeo.</p>

Hey gang, on that rambunctious note, I'm out of here to enjoy a bit more of this great city.  See everybody tomorrow for a really cool Technique Tuesday.  See ya' then, -David


  1. That Nikon coolpix 1000 will be a great tool for weddings, playing the days images during the reception.

  2. Hey David,

    Some awesome video that they're doing with the 5D!

    Do check out this company that I've been following for a bit. Their movies (some shot with 5D) almost put me to tears. Great edits and shooting!

    Can't wait til DWUC in Chicago! Cya then!