Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Good Color; Wireless Shooting; Watermarking Made Easy; More Mini Z-Rays; And A Giggle Or Two

Good Morning Everybody,
We wrapped a great Digital Master Class again last week. Whew, was it busy for all of us around here. This week we have a lot of projects on the front burner, albums to design, images to fine tune, DVD's to burn, hotels to book...... I'm announcing a new webinar on Wednesday so stay turned - I think you are going to love it.

I'm also hooking up with my models from last week this Wednesday and we are planning to spend the day shooting some brand new content for my Technique Tuesday episodes and a few more projects planned down the road. Stay tuned on these too.

I mentioned in my last Friday post entitled, "What I Learned...". I received an email or two asking if that means it's going to be a better class than this past class? Hey gang, the last class was a great class so the answer to the question is NO - it's going to be DIFFERENT class.

All our classes continue to receive "RAVE" reviews from nearly everyone that attends. Why is that? I think it's because for as many years as I been conducting my Digital Master Class, it continues to morph to accommodate the current group of attendees.

It's time to change it up again and that's the plan for October. More hands on shooting, more portfolio shooting for students, more individual attention to each attendee, less class time on album design, photoshop and lightroom techniques and lots of additional renovation in the works. Of course, that means modifying and changing the course content to accommodate the added time spent on shooting. No problem, I'm going to give it a try so stay tuned. It will be another "knock your socks" off week of living, learning, and loving photography!

Remember, you can still sign up at the old price of $895 until Friday of this week. Then the price increases to $995 to accommodate several thousand dollars of additional costs. Regardless of the cost increase, this class still is the best value on the planet when you consider a 100 page course workbook included, class CD included, one-on-one time with my staff for all who ask included, and two fun dinner evenings at our home/studio walking you through "Studio Life" at David A. Ziser Photography.

Anyway, give Jennifer a call at 800.292.2994 if you want to be counted in for October.

OK, time to get "cookin'" with another Quick Hit Monday. Here we go.

Good Color; Wireless Shooting; Watermarking Made Easy; More Mini Z-Rays; And A Giggle Or Two
Color Monitor Calibration: If you missed it, my buddy, RC over at had a nice video on the elusive task of making your color look good. He uses the same gear I use - the Spyder 3 Elite - so give it peak right here - definitely worth the trip.

Wireless Shooting On The Cheap: Blogging buddy, Jeff Revel, just picked up his new Eye-Fi Pro card. The is the new card by the company of the same name that that has wireless shooting built right in.. I just picked up the same card myself about two weeks ago. Jeff gives you the low down on how it works. Here is the link to the story right here.

Watermarking In Lightroom: Here is a great article on how to watermark your images using Lightroom and Morgrify right here. Jim Goldstein, is an extremely talented landscape photographer - just check out the rest of his site. He also keeps it coming with solid content for his blog - always worth the trip.

Somebody Stole My Mini Z-Ray: Well not really, but has a fun piece on how to do light painting with the new LED lights on the market. Step by step fun for the entire family. Here is the link right here.

And Now A Giggle Or Two
OK, wedding photographers if you haven't seen the wedding couple dancing down the aisle on YouTube lately, you must not be connected to the web because this video has been causing splitting laughs everywhere - including the national news like in the New York Times. Here is the link to the story and the YouTube video right here.

But wait, there's more. Now check out the "Dancin' Down The Aisles Of Divorce Court" right here. Both are worth a Monday morning giggle.

Hey gang, that's it for me today, I'm heading down the road to Louisville, KY. I'm a board member of KPPA's ( Kentucky's Professional Photographers Association) and we have a meeting putting the final plans on the Fall meeting and next years' state convention. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to mention that I'm doing a day long program for KPPA on August 17, 2009 in Lexington, KY. Here is the link to all the info. Hope to see you there.

Have a good one, everybody. See ya' tomorrow for another Technique Tuesday episode. Adios, -David


  1. I've been using a Wi-Fi card for about a year now, and I love it. I shoot with a Canon 1Ds III that has two card slots, so I'm able to record raws to the main CF card, and small JPEG proofs to the Wi-Fi SD card. The proofs get sent to my laptop and auto-imported into Lightroom. It works great for instant feedback.

    I've been using a small D-Link router that can be powered from the laptop's USB port, so the setup is completely portable. Once configured, you don't need an internet connection. It's great for both studio and location shooting.

  2. Please give us an extension (for an extra week) for the reduced price to your fall session. It takes time to ask for vacation and try to schedule for it. THANKS!

  3. Please, could you extend by one week the reduced amount for your fall session? I need more time to get permission for vacation time and schedule for it. THANKS.