Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open Day Wednesday - Canon 5D Video Day

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Independence Pass We made the drive across Independence Pass on our trek to Aspen yesterday.  The views were gorgeous!  Just as we were getting close to Aspen, we passed by some beautiful Aspen groves and I was able to capture some great shots of these amazing trees.

Today is an easy day with friends before we head out bright and early tomorrow morning for the drive back to Denver and catch the flight home.  Then it's "pedal to the metal" with the tour kicking off in just about 10 days.  Lots of cool projects in the works - I'll keep you posted over these next couple of days.

Today is going to short and sweet. That was my promise to LaDawn if I wanted to keep our marriage together;~)  So here we go...

Canon 5D Video Day

I'm really trying to get my head around all the video capabilities of Canon's 5D Mark II.  There are  many photographers producing some great videos, from simple to super sophisticated. So today, If you are into the still/video fusion possibilities of these cool new cameras I want to point you towards some great resources for your consideration.

Best Dynamic Range For 5D Mk II Video

ProLost Stu Maschwitz at has a nice informational piece on how to get the maximum dynamic range out of your videos created using the Canon 5D Mark II.  Here is the link.  He has another post about how to shoot the 5D Mk II in "manual" mode too.  Here is that link right here. Good stuff, great info at - so check it out.

Shooting the 5D Remotely With Your iPhone

On One has some content to help you get the most out of the camera.  On-One Software introduced an App for the iPhone that lets you use the iPhone to fire the 5D MkII remotely [link]. has an in-depth review on just how it works - all pretty interesting.  Give it a read right here.  And, here is the follow up post right here - also worth the read. I've bought the gear to give it a try, so I'll give you my thoughts once I'm up and running with it.

Practical Video Shooting With The 5D Mk II

A few weeks ago I posted what I thought was a really interesting 5D Mk II video.  Some of our DPT readers thought it was just a bit over the top.  What struck me was the complexity and sophistication of the finished result.  Here is the link again if you missed it.

Still MotionTo day, let me point you towards a more practical application of the 5D Mk II's video capabilities for us wedding/portrait guys.  The videos are posted at Vimeo's StillMotionFilms channel right here.  There are several videos posted from engagement sessions to weddings.  I think they will give you a good idea on how you may incorporate the technology into your studio product mix. I think these videos offer the beginnings of a simple road map to get you up and running too.  Anyway, check it out - more cool stuff.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We've hangin' here in Aspen today and just taking it easy.  I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for another Business Day Thursday  - all the pixels willing.  See ya' then,  -David

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  1. David...check out Jeremy Cowart's videos that he made with the 5DII. Incredible work!