Friday, August 28, 2009

Inspiration Friday - Getting The Creative Juices Flowing

Good Evening Everybody,

Man, this day almost got away from me again. We've got a brand new project happening here at the studio - it's called "Hot Shots".  The idea is to show a series of 25 images in the set, and describe what it took to put the image together. 

Lost In The Moment-0169-KT-1280px-Day1-IMG_4428 We are starting the project with a three series set so in other words 75 images.  Set 1- Lighting; Set 2- Lenses and Which One To Use and When; and Set 3- Composition.  Pulling all the images has taken over a week and now we are building the lighting, lenses, and composition diagrams for each image - not a task for the "faint of heart". 

Next, we will add the text to each image describing how it all came together.  It's an ambitious project, but it's going to make a great portable resource for all the working photographers. The project goes to the printer on Monday.  Yep, even with the wedding and the Kelby Training shoot this weekend, we will be burning the midnight oil to complete the project.

I just reviewed the images in all three sets and they look Great!.  The printer's proofs looked terrific too! I can't wait to see the finished result.

I'm inspired by what I was looking at, let me get you guys and girls inspired too.  Here we go...

Getting The Creative Juices Flowing

While in Vail last week, we had the opportunity to visit the "Farmer's Market" in both Minturn and Vail Village.  I know, "Farmer's Market and Vail Village don't seem to go together with all the gazillion dollar real estate everywhere, but it was still a nice stroll with so many artists showing their work.

Me, I'm always attracted to the photographers at these kind of shows and last weekend was the same.  I wasn’t disappointed, as there was some nice work to be seen.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, "What, David isn't talking about wedding photography today?" Well, I am and I'm not.  Here is my thinking.  Sometimes we've got to get out of our "element" and explore other works of art and different genres of photography just to get those parts of our brains exercised a bit.  That's what looking at "non wedding" images does for me.

Let me share with you the work of some very talented photographers I saw at the show.

Threeamigos The first was Crabtree Photoworks with Michael Crabtree, a local artist from right up the road from Vail in Eagle, Colorado.  Michael has been producing some fabulous images of the area for a number of years.  I was taken by his images of horses - being a Kentucky boy and all.  But, his landscapes were beautiful too.  Here is the link to his work right here.

TAylor - columbines The second set of images that caught my eye was the work of Steve Taylor.  The colors in his work just blew me away. Beautiful doesn’t begin to explain it. Check out his gallery right here - it's a feast for the eyes.

Next we stopped at Dale Harp's displayDAle HarpOnce more, the imagery was breathtaking.  Dale's landscapes were beyond comparison at the show.  Here is the link to his on-line gallery right here.

Next, we stopped at the most interesting display of all. Jennifer O'Meara was displaying her very creative images in window panes, yes, window panes.  The look the window panes gave to the images was truly different making both the art and it's presentation a single work to be studied and explored on its own.

Omerea Jennifer was combining her photography and watercolor painting, with Photoshop of course, to produce her truly creative and again very beautiful work. Here is the link to her gallery right here.  Don't forget to check out her "Barn" images right here

There is just something about here imagery that really turns me on.  Visually, it is so simple, but esthetically it just takes my breath away with her simple, colorful, somewhat abstract compositions. Incredible - I just feel a real sense of peace viewing the images.

Hey gang, that's it for me for a another late posting day  at Take some time to view the galleries this weekend.  I think you will love the work.

I just called Jason and Adam from Kelby Media and I'm heading out to pick them up so we can do a few site surveys for tomorrow's wedding. Everybody have a great weekend and I'll see you on the flip-side.  Till then, -David

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  1. I've been visiting Mike Crabtree every time I get to the Eagle-Vail area for several years now. His images are just great.