Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Up Wednesday: A Brand New Webinar Tonight & I'm Out Of The Closet - I Bought An iPhone

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Webinar - Light Shine On2 800pxI know, I know another afternoon post here at DPT. First things first for me today. I’ve been up to my eyeballs wrapping the presentation for tonight's "Let my Light Shine On" webinar.  I just finished it minutes ago and gave if a quick run through - it's going to be a "mile a minute" presentation to present all the information in the allotted 90 minute time slot.

0054-Chapter 6 -0002_FrankW05 You still have  time to register - here is the link right here.  Also, remember, your registration entitles you to a free download of the entire 90 minute presentation so you can watch it as many times as you want! 

0003-Webinar Outdoor Bridals-DSCF2220bw I have to tell you, it really turned out cool - ton's of solid info, great lighting techniques, solid solutions to outdoor lighting issues, and lots of great images. 

I moved the time to eight o'clock based on feedback I received from our DPT readers and there are still seats available if you want to attend.

Here is another treat.  Damien, who has ridden "shotgun" with me the last two webinars was busy this evening and won't be here tonight. 

NicholasNo problem, we have on hand this evening my ace number one assistant, Nicholas Viltrakis, standing by to answer questions for our listeners one on one.  Nicholas will also be informing me of major questions pertaining to the presentation in general which I will answer at length.  This evening promises to be fun, informative, and exciting.  I hope to "see" you there.

One quick note, the last time, folks were registering right up to last minute - no problem this time either.  Jennifer and LaDawn will be standing by to get you signed in right up to 8:00 P.M. EDT - any problems, please call 859.341.5900 and they will be glad to help.

I'm Out Of The Closet - I Bought An iPhone

OK, it's true - I've been "hemming and hawing" for the last few months about purchasing the new iPhone. Well, I finally did it - yep, I picked it up right before we headed out on vacation to San Diego last week.  I figured I'd have a entire week trying to figure the darn thing out.

Apps iPhoneWell as things turned out, I had it figured out in no time and was up and running almost right out of the box.  So having been so reticent about making the jump, how do I feel about it a week later.  OK, I can't believe I'm going to say these words but, “It's about the coolest piece of gear, any kind of gear, I've ever owned.” Man, how did I get by without it.

Thanks right, I am now a die hard fan of the iPhone - it just makes life easier!  Sure, I've become an Apps junkie too.  I loved how easy it was to follow Tiger Woods over the weekend at the PGA.  I loved how simple it made life finding a good restaurant in San Diego last week or in finding that gas station on the way back to the rental car return.  I love it, I love it, I love it!!

So what are my 10 favorite Apps so far?  Here is my quick rundown in no particular order:

1. Camera (Video)  - I'm just getting started with this one but it is fun to use.  Heck, you might find a Technique Tuesday heading your way from my new iPhone one of these days;~)

2. Urban Spoon - Need to find a restaurant, this is my favorite so far. I find it much better than Yelp and I think the ratings are more accurate.

Trapster3. Trapster - It tells you where the speed traps are in your area. Not that I'm a fast driver or anything (although when I tell my assistant to hold on  while on our way to a wedding - they brace against the dash and grab the "chicken bar" above the door.)  I guess I like this app because it is so clever. LaDawn wishes there was an app for  radar detection!

4. Wine Guide by the Wine Enthusiast - They have a gazillion listings and you can usually find the best wine value before your server comes back to ask you for your selection from the wine list - it makes you look so smart;~)

5. Fandango - I love it.  The easiest way to find a movie quick and see where and what time it's playing locally.

Around Me6. Around Me - Another great app to find just about anything in your neighborhood - from hotels to Best Buys.

Run Pee7.  Run Pee - A "bladder control" app discovered by Terry White - check out Terry's Tech Blog right here.  This app let's you know when you can leave the movie and how long you have to get back when heading to the concession stand to get your free refills and when it's safe to go p... should you have had too many free refills. Get this, it even gives you a recap of what you missed while you were gone - OK, it's probably more of a "guy" app.

8. Pandora Radio - A GREAT app if you are into music. Plug in the name of a musical artist you like and it will create a web "radio station" of that artist.  The station will also play any similar styles of music from other artists similar to your favorite.  It's works around the Music Genome Project - very slick technology.  Set it up for as many as you like - way cool!

9. Skype - A long time favorite for me.  I'm thrilled it’s available on the iPhone. Now I have cheap calling to anywhere in the world!

iTreadmill10. iTreadmill - LaDawn and I were out walking one morning last week and she commented that she wished she knew how far we walked.  I stopped, said, "There's an app for that." And quickly found iTreadmill.  It works great - we ended up walking about 28 miles while we were in San Diego last week. Now she knows!

Anyway folks, those are my favs for the moment.  It’s been great FUN. Let me know if you've got one or two apps that are your favorites as well - I'd like to give them a try.  Hey gang, on that note, I'm out of here.  Hope to see everybody this evening on line.  See ya' then.  -David


  1. Another home run with this webinar. Although I have been shooting for years, I always learn something new. Now I have even more techniques to practice...and I love to practice!

    Keep 'em coming David!