Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Learn Lighting, Photography, Photoshop, and How To Produce Fine Art Prints - Oh My!

Good Morning Everybody,

I'm kicking off today's post with a great big THANK YOU to all my Facebook friends who sent me birthday wishes last Friday.  Yep, it was a big day for me.  Once the emails started lighting up my Outlook folder, I tried to figure out how the word got out.  Then it hit me - good ol' Facebook.  Anyway, my thanks again to everybody who sent me such nice birthday wishes.

After a great time in San Diego last week, we are ready to "rock and roll" this week.  I’m still putting finishing touches on my Webinar on Outdoor Wedding Photography for Wednesday evening's presentation.  You can  register right here.

Webinar - Light Shine On - 800pxIf you haven't signed up yet, you only have 2 days left!  We are using a different registration process this time around - if you are having problems with registration, particularly those of you outside the US, please drop Jennifer a note at and we will work on resolving the registration issues for you.

LaDawn is getting the last of the hotels booked for my Digital WakeUp Call tour kicking off in just three weeks on September 8 with the first leg of the Fall sessions to include Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City - hope to see you there [link]. 

I've got 3 portrait sessions tomorrow and we are repacking bags and hopping on a plane for Vail on Friday for a wedding shoot next weekend. Whew!

Heck, we better get moving on Quick Hit Monday, here we go...

Lighting, Photography, Photoshop, and Fine Art prints - Oh My!

Lighting Your Way To Success

The first site I want to point you towards is at  They have put together some very informative and innovative tutorials on studio lighting at their Lighting Resource Center.  LowelI love how they have made their lessons interactive.  Here is the link right here - tons of great info. You move the light, the lesson shows the result - definitely worth the peek.

Fashion Photography Exposed

Fashion Blog I'll tell you - one surf led to another a week ago and before I knew it I was looking at this extremely cool Fashion photography site.  I'll tell you, the photography is well done and the insights to the shoots is also a treat to read. 

The site is a labor of love for Melissa Rodwell, an extremely talented photographer from the LA area. Check out her FashionPhotographyBlog right here.  It's not wedding photography but there are some wonderful and insightful ideas - go take a peek.

Photoshop Phorever

Photoshop Roadmap OK, I not sure where I found this site but it may have been from one of the "tweets" over at Yanik's Photo School.  Anyway, the site is

This is one of those sites that has lots of tutorials on just about anything Photoshop.  You've got to take the time to give if a good cruise and you can find lots of tips and techniques that fit the bill for us portrait/wedding guys and girls.  It's kind of fun to see all the content on their site.  Here is the link.

Producing Fine Art Prints - The Definitive Guide

Fine Art Prints Blogging buddy, Brian Auer, has been working on this seven part series for quite a while.  I've been checking back over the last several weeks to see how his series was coming on "Producing the Fine Art Print". 

Well, here is the good news - his series is complete.  What a series he has put together.  He takes you step by step on how to produce the fine art print.  This is no light weight series he has put together.  His series is all beef with no filler. Here is the link right here.

If you have ever considered getting into the fine art side of photography, you've got to check out Brian's series right here.  This post is definitely a keeper for me.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We've got a million things going on around the studio this week and I've got to get scootin'.  Plan to check in tomorrow for a very cool Technique Tuesday.  While we were in San Diego last week, I put together a few lessons on composition.  I think you'll enjoy them.

See ya' tomorrow everybody,  -David

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