Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome To Inspiration And Recreation Friday - First A Little Inspiration.

Good Morning Everybody,
Is everybody ready for a wonderful relaxing weekend - - I hope so. Tomorrow, LaDawn and I are heading to Lexington, Kentucky. The Kentucky Professional Photographers Association is holding their quarterly meeting this weekend and they have quite the talent lineup this time around. My buddy Tim Kelly, truly one of the finest portrait photographers in the country will be presenting his all encompassing portrait program covering lighting, posing, marketing, and finished presentation. It's an all day program and we are really looking forward to seeing his presentation and visiting with Tim. I'll give you a report next week. Check out this link right here to Tim's website for some pretty cool portrait images.

Many of you know I'm involved with a great group of photographers over at Fine Art Photo Blog. We just had 43 photographers submit their portfolios for review. Check out four of my favorites - the work is truly visually exciting like the image by William Fawcett above. Hit the "Read More..." link below for my favs and the other 39 sites too - good inspirational images to fill your weekend.

Mathias Pastwa - Beautiful Landscapes
Dawn LeBlanc - Very sensuous macro photography
William Fawcett - Some stunning panoramas.
Gregor Winter - I thought his work had a "Henri Cartier-Bresson - decisive moment" look about it.

Hey, if you've got the time, here are the links to the other 39 right here - some pretty cool stuff - enjoy the browse.

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