Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick Hit Monday - Revolutionary Storage Medium Being Offered For Digital Shooters And More

Good Morning Everybody,
Glad to see everyone back after hopefully a great weekend. I worked most of the weekend trying to get everything "off my plate" before we fire up for the workshop beginning next week. I got about 90% of the work done so I feel pretty good about that. But enough said about that. How about all the photo news fit to hear this Monday.

OK, this one kind of blew me away when I head it. I get an email from this company offering a "revolutionary" way to preserve you digital images. No digits, no pixels, no nothing compromised with their system they are offering to us digital shooters. I hit the link and did a double take. What were they using to back up all these digital images? Are you ready - it's......FILM!

That's right - check out the whole story over at right here. Actually, I think it's a fascinating approach to archival storage - from writing the digital image to film, string in their vault, and receiving them when you need to retrive the image. Check it out - it's an interesting read. In the near future, I'll do a piece on archival storage of CD's and DVD's. I've been pulling the info together and it is quite fascinating.

Hey gang, on another note, go check out This is about the coolest way to search for pictures on-line. I first saw the story over at and it is worth the look. I'm always looking for new ways to stay inspired or just fine new ways to check out new ideas for my own photography. Here is the deal - hit the link here, add your first tag, and into the Tag Galaxy you go.
Hit one of the planets to refine your choice, then hit another and another. When you want to see the final choices, hit the main planet in the center. Now spin the globe and click on any picture that looks interesting. It's a really fun way to get some good ideas on improving and refining your style - a good find.

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  1. That was the slowest and most annoying search I have ever done for an image. My brain and eyes are much too fast for that nonsense.