Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday - HOT NEWS, The Missing Tutorials, And The Weekend Browse

Good Morning Everybody,
Good to see everybody back from what I hope was a great weekend. Well, I've been running the blog in a bit more condensed fashion this past week - more stories rolled into one post. Let's keep it moving along that way for a while and you guys let me know what you think. Also, the past two weeks has brought quite a surprise to me for the Technique Tuesday videos. Generally they get about 25,000 to 40,000 views.

The last two have only got 2500 views. I placed them after the "read more..." jump and I think they got missed so I'm bringing them back to the main page this week. Here are the links to the tutorials you may have missed.
Best Studio Setup For Sales
Perfectly Perfect Lighting - Part 1

Just a quick note on the Skribit suggestion widget on the right - we have several new suggestions so far and I'll be reporting on them soon. You can add additional suggestions and/or vote on the existing topic ideas as well - so let your voice be known.

Now some HOT NEWS! I'm on the air, I'm on the air! When - this Wednesday - 8:00 p.m. CST. And, yes you can even ask me questions. My buddies at Marathon Press have just started a series of webinars featuring some of the leading speakers in the country including Bruce Hudson, Vickie Taufer, Andre Amyot, Julia Woods, and Helen Yancy just to name a few. They have quite a line-up scheduled already. Here is the link to register and see what speakers are coming up. Check it out, I hope to see you Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. CST.

What else is happening. Have you checked out I received a call several weeks ago asking if I could forward parts of my Photoshop World power points down to NAPP World Headquarters. The guys have some new project going on and they wanted me to be a part of it. Well, here is the deal. If you are a NAPP member you can go to the April Orlando Photoshop World practically for free, well sort of.

Excerpts from many of the programs, the parties, the Tech Expo - can now all be viewed in the privacy of your own computer screen. NAPP has put together a compilation video of all the happenings of that wonderful week in April. I just checked it out and it's pretty cool. A lot of the instructors are featured, including yours truly, for 10 - 15 minute segments.

What's also cool is the behind the scenes look at Midnight Madness, After Hours Party, Portfolio Review, and a ton more. You've got to be a member of NAPP to view the presentation though. There are 26 segments in all about 2 1/2 hours. It's all fun to watch, plus you get to learn something new along the way and you just may decide to head out to Las Vegas in September for the next Photoshop World. All REALLY good stuff.

And now from the "Weekend Web Cruise" - I know some people call it a link roundup but it still a quick listing of a few items I found pretty darn interesting for our readers. Here we go.
Here is a thought provoking article on 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do. Being a pro photographer myself, I think this piece hits the nail on the head. Give it a read right here.

If you are into HDR, Matt Kloskowski had a great post last week just brimming with his thoughts and overflowing with his favorite links on the HDR subject right here. But wait, there's more. Be sure to survey Matt's Comments section of the post too. Many of his readers have left several additional links to more HDR sites. This is something that has intrigued me as of late and Matt's article is a great resource on the subject. Check it out.

Still got more time on your hands, then check out a recent post over at - 60 Photography Links You Can't Live Without right here. Of course DigitalProTalk is glaringly absent from the list, so just how good could it be anyway ;~) Besides that obvious oversight, it's a good read with some great links.

Hey gang, that's it for today. Stop by tomorrow for Perfectly Perfect Lighting - Part 2. This weeks topic will cover how to balance you off camera flash exposure with your on camera flash. See you then, -David


  1. Personally Dave, I find the pace of your posts daunting. I subscribe via RSS and only come over to the site if I see an intriguing title because I simply can't read everything you write every day. For me, it isn't about you putting more topics into fewer posts either. In fact I am against that since it means I will no longer know everything that's inside the titles and short excerpts I see in my RSS reader. Consequently I am less likely to drop by. If I might presume to make a suggestion it would be to post one or two good articles per day, and stash the remainder for the future when you hit dry patches.

  2. David it seems the link to the videos is not working. All I get is a picture, when I go to Tuesday's post the video player is blank.

  3. Hi David, first of all GREAT site. It was pointed out to me after I published the list! But you are now on the post :)

    Thanks for the link up. Just one slight correction, its takes you somewhere you dont want to be :) I've tried to get it but its been totally dark.

    Anyways, thanks again!!