Friday, June 20, 2008

Relaxation Friday - And In The Totally Unrelated To Photography Department

... But still some really good time waisting web sites submitted for your approval. I had just picked up a recent issue of my Time magazine and saw a listing of their 50 favorite sites for 2008. I have to say, it was a fascinating list, not all to my tastes, but some were pretty cool. To see my Favorites, hit the "Read More..." link below.

Here are my Top 10 choices from the list:
1. Hulu Couch potatoes of the world , unite. You can watch TV shows and movies for free and with limited commercial interruption. Another good link is Modern Feed for vintage TV shows. Star Trek anyone - here is that link.
2. WikiSky - Maybe we can't go where no man has gone before, but at least we can take a peek at the outer boundaries of the universe with these mesmerizing looks at the cosmos.
3. Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project - This site brings the true meaning to the word "Oldies" - 8000 recordings from the early 1900's - again, a really fascinating site.
4. WikiTravel - 18,000 destination travel guides and tourist helps. Hey, if you can't get there, you can at least look at the pictures.
5. MapJack - This is a totally cool way to check out a possible vacation destination. I think it blows away Google Streets. The site is only in its early stages but still worth the visit. Hit the link to see what I mean.
6. TripKick - Ever check into a hotel and get a really lousy room. Then TripKick is for you. The site actually rates the rooms, floors, and best locations in the hotel. It even tells you what rooms to avoid. This is a great travelers site.
7. Serious Eats - If food is your thing, then this site is for you. Best restaurants, best places to buy food, just all things food. I'm getting hungry already.
8. Zeer - An speaking of good eats, because you are what you eat, Zeer tells you what's inside all that stuff you buy at the supermarket - for better or worse. Great site for the diet conscious - count me in.
9. Genie - Looking for a few skeletons in the closet, then this site is for you. All kidding aside, if your a genealogy buff this is a cool site. I posted the Time link because it links to the other genealogy sites too.
10. Gas Buddy - This is unfortunately the site highly reflecting our times. Where is the best price on gasoline in your city?? Hit the link for your bargain basement ;~) gas prices.

By the way, here is the link to all 50 of the Time magazine sites. Have fun.

Hey gang, that's it for me this week. We are heading out tomorrow, driving south through our wonderful blue grass highways - Kentucky really is a beautiful state. I'll check back with everybody on Monday and give you all the latest from Lexington. See you then. Have a great weekend. -David

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  1. Great list! love hulu, but I must say Modern Feed is quite amazing. Check out how much easier their episodes are to navigate: