Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Speaking of Flash Set Up

Rick Mead, one of my attendees from my Spring Master Class has really been shaking it up over at his PhotoViewfinder blog. What I like about Rick's site is that he is showing what techniques he has learned, and how he is implementing those techniques in his recent wedding shoots. He takes it a step further and has even posted two visual tutorials showing his entire set up. Check it out...

Here are all the links as of today that Rick has posted regarding his new found love for off-camera flash:
Off Camera Flash On The Cheap - here he shows the whole DIY off-camera flash set up fully explained and documented.
FreeWires - Ins and Outs - Another nicely illustrated piece on his FreeWire hookup to a portable flash - basically the same way I use it with my Quantum set up.
Check out these last two posts showing the results of his off-camera flash setup for the groom right here and the wedding couple right here.

Nice job, Rick. Keep up the good work.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We are wrapping a few projects around here today. Then later on this afternoon, LaDawn and I are visiting with fellow Cincy photo-blogger, Jim Talkington. Be sure to check out Jim's site - it's a great resource and he always has good stuff cookin' over there. Here is the link to Jim's site.

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