Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Perfectly Perfect Lighting - Part 2 - Balancing Off-Camera Flash With On-Camera Flash

Good afternoon everybody,
Today we have the second part of our off-camera flash lighting tutorial. In this tutorial, I'll discuss placement of the second light when photographing groups, the amount of fill light from the on-camera flash to maintain the dimensional look I want to preserve, and the final tweak in Photoshop. It's a good one I hope you enjoy it. As I mentioned yesterday, I'll keep it on the front page this time so it doesn't get missed. I've also posted last week's Part 1 on the front page too so if you missed it, watch it first, then hit Part 2. Anyway just enjoy! -David

Here is Part 1.


  1. Killer series if videos David. Thanks for posting these... Gavin

  2. Thanks for the fun and informative videos. I'm particularly fascinated by the changes in 3 dimensions as you balance flash with ambient light: background luminosity, depth of shadow, and color temperature on your subject.

    In the examples you show, I assume that you didn't gel the flash, which separates your subject from the background nicely. Are there situations where you prefer to gel?

  3. How high up off the ground does the assistant hold up the umbrella?? 6ft???

  4. Great tutorial David. Check out this link:


    Might be of some assistance for diagramming in the future.


  5. Steve, Thanks for the great link. -David