Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Extreme Digital Design With Special Guest Michael Sheasby – CEO LumaPix

Good Morning Everybody,

DAZ Class workingThis is the second day for us at Texas School.  Once again, they have quite a crowd here – with instructors, staff, and vendors – almost 1,100 people from 40 states and 4 countries worldwide! We kicked off the day yesterday with the class starting at 8:30 a.m.  We spent most of the time in class reviewing lighting and composition.  Then we gave the class a crack at trying some of the lighting techniques I discussed earlier in the day – all good stuff.

After we wrapped the class time it was off to the Cowboy Dance Club for a barbeque dinner and a little dancin’ Texas style.  The party went to 11:00 p.m. and most everybody was back at the hotel by midnight.

For the instructors it’s a long day because we’re the ones that have to get up extra bright and early, and get ready for the next day’s class and, for some of us, even get a blog post out :~)  Anyway… it’s all good fun.

Today we are on location all day, then dinner this evening. No that is not the end of the day.  After that, in Texas School tradition, there’s another party that kick’s off at 9:00 and goes to 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Next year, I want to be a student  at Texas School!  I don’t want to lead you onto believing that we’re having a ton of fun here or anything like that - so I better get on with today’s Technique Tuesday.  Here we go…

Extreme Digital Design With Special Guest Michael Sheasby – CEO LumaPix

Webcast3Last Thursday I think we had one of our best webcasts featuring Michael Sheasby along with myself and our Chief of Design, LaDawn.  Michael is  Cofounder and CEO of LumaPix, the absolute best design and collage software available anywhere!  Michael was gracious enough to spend a little over 90 minutes with all those tuned in showing us the latest features in the newly released LumaPix V5.

We had photographers attending from nearly all 50 states including Hawaii and from 10 countries around the world including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Angola, Italy, England, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and Germany! It was truly an international event!  My thanks to all who participated and especially to Michael and LaDawn who made it such a well rounded webcast.

Here are a few comments from the attendees:

A GREAT WEBINAR! … Thanks, I enjoyed the Webinar.  already have 5v and love it. …  It is definitely a BIG time saver!!!!!! … Thanks for a great webinar!  It’s a FABULOUS piece of software that has saved me a TON of time…..Anyway, you get the idea. Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show one more time.

Oh, BTW, we’ve got some special offers on LumaPix for anyone interested – like how you can get LumaPix for only $99 – that’s right, $99.  But you’ll have to call LaDawn at 800.292.2994 or email her at ladawn@ziser.com for details.  If you love what you see, please give her a call.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  It’s a really long day – of course that’s including party #2 this evening. So, I better get moving.  Boy…. do I love my job ;~)

Have a great one, and I might see you tomorrow but probably not too early (depending on how this evening goes.)


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