Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Photoshop Freebies

Monday's Photoshop Freebies

Every weekend I enjoy scouring the internet for the latest collection of brush sets, textures, patterns, tutorials, and what ever other Photoshop tidbits I might find interesting for myself and my DPT readers.  I've found a pretty good collection for you today.  Here we go.

Free – Modern and Professional Brochure Design Templates: Thinking of putting together that new brochure to promote your photography business?  These pretty cool brochure templates may just do the trick for you. [link]

Text Effects30 Awesome Cool Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials:  I'm a huge fan of fonts and text effects - always have been.  Even back in the early DOS/Windows3 days, I was a collector of fonts - I have thousands.  Today it's about adding the various effects to text.  This link features some of the most unusual text effects I've seen.  Enjoy TEXT fans! [link]

60+ Must Have Best Paisley Patterns for Photoshop:  I've said it a million times - I'm a child of the sixties and have to tell you that I really got fired up when I found the link to these best paisley patterns.  So, for all you ex-hippies and even current hippies, this link is for you ;~)  [link]

Hair BrushesA Collection Of Free Photoshop Hair Brushes:  OK, this one is the most interesting, and I think the most useful link I've found today - hair brushes.  Wait, no, not hair brushes you find in a beauty salon.  Hair brushes for Photoshop.  That's right, now you can bring your beauty salon to Photoshop.  Hey gang, don't take this lightly - this is good stuff.  How many times have you had to clone hair in one of your portrait/wedding images and the clone tool simply was not the best solution for the job?  Well, now you have a brand new solution - just comb the problem away with these Photoshop hair brushes - I love them! [link]

That’s it for this week’s Freebies –more next week.  -David

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