Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Central Park Revisited – Three Lighting Tips To Make Your Lighting Exciting!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We left the frantic pace of NYC behind us and landed in Myrtle Beach, SC about 5:00 pm yesterday.  By the time we got settled in it was pretty late in the evening and we were happy to relax and enjoy a much slower pace, especially after our whirlwind eight days in the Big Apple.

Myrtle Beach PierActually we came to Myrtle Beach to check out the area and also to get some real work accomplished.  With our well connected world these days, it's easy to set up shop anywhere and work away, albeit the beautiful surrounds of a small beach town in the south.

In about 7 weeks PhotoPro Network will be having our "Hot Times In The Summer" event in Louisville, KY and it's mostly my job to pull it all together. This year we're concentrating on lighting and all things new in the world of Adobe, particularly Lightroom 4 and CS 6.  I've got most of the talent lined up and will be providing additional details once I have all the arrangements nailed down. We're keeping the costs low and the content over the top - so stay tuned.

Central Park Revisited – Three Lighting Tips To Make Your Lighting Exciting!

Hey gang, I think I've got a very cool Technique Tuesday for you today.  I reviewed all the images I did at my B&H Shootout last week and selected about 15 images I want to share with you today.  The gist of today's program is to focus on three specific lighting techniques I demonstrated during my shoot out.

The point of all this is that too many photographers around the country, no, around the world are satisfied with ordinary lighting on their subjects.  Folks, it comes down to this - put ordinary lighting on your subjects and you get ordinary results.

Let's change it up a bit – let’s put exciting lighting on our subjects and get some exciting results.  That's the point of today's lesson - how to make your lighting exciting easily and effortlessly without breaking-the-bank with a ton of expensive gear.  Why not hit the PLAY button below and see what I'm talking about.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  The post has taken a little while to get up today. In fact I’ve uploaded it twice to Vimeo today and then it took forever to process – sorry for the delay. I think my computer is on relaxed southern time too ;~)  In the meantime, LaDawn and I are going looking for that good time southern hospitality the area is known for.

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you soon,  David

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