Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Just Breezin' By The Bridge"

Breezin By The Bridge[7]

"Just Breezin' By The Bridge"
©David A. Ziser

This is an image I made a few years ago during a association sponsored wedding shootout. We got a lot of great photographs of our model but this one with the wide-angle image is one of my favorites. The time of day, soft breeze, the softly blowing veil, the cool cloud textures, and the setting sun together with the lens' wide angle view certainly adds to the dramatic feeling of the photograph. 

Look at the bride's positioning in the composition. The fact that she is placed forward with her head positioned at “nodal point” #3 (the top right quadrant) in the composition added to the visual interest of this image. It almost seems as if the bridge is pushing her into the viewer's eyes. Technically speaking, she is placed opposite the “vanishing point.  You can easily find the “vanishing point” in this image. See how you eye travels across the bridge, past the trees in the distance, and then off the left side of the image heading to the “vanishing point” – where all the lines converge. We read a photograph left to right and you can’t help but follow the lightly blowing veil directly to the point of interest - her face.

Lighting was accomplished with my off-camera Quantum flash coming in from camera right at full power to give me the loop lighting pattern on the subject's face.

Camera specs: Canon 40 D fitted with 10–22mm at 10mm, F8 @ 1/320 second, ISO 200. Enjoy! – David

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  1. ~Heather Busing1:39 AM, May 02, 2012

    Dave your images is stunning! I only wish we would have had senery as beautiful today. HOWEVER the churches were beautiful..... AND WHEN do you find the time and energy to write your BLOGS???? I need to start getting up with the roosters.....

    See you in class tomorrow!