Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick Hit Monday: From New York City - My Times Square Photo-Walk Last Night

Good Morning Everybody,

0001- NYC919C4174That's right, today and all this week, I'll be coming to you from the Big Apple - NYC.  We landed safe and sound yesterday, had a nice lunch with my soon to be graduated daughter, Elizabeth, and finally got checked in to our hotel late yesterday.

We didn't just want to hang around the hotel, a very nice one btw, so we decided to start walking towards Time Square to see if we could nab a Broadway play ticket or two and then take in a movie. It was about a half hour walk down to 42nd Street and I knew I would have my camera in tow - but which lens to use???

My NYC Photo Walk Challenge

I have this little creative game I play with myself whereby I'll put one lens on the camera and just shoot everything with that lens. Since we've been to NYC many times I sure didn't need any more touristy pics taken with my normal go-to-vacation lens, my 24-105mm IS lens. I wanted an optic that would give a completely different perspective on my subject than any normal focal length lens.

Also, I figured we would be walking back to the hotel after dark and I thinking it would be cool to get some shots of Times Square at night with whatever optic I choose.  OK, so which lens did I chose - drum roll please,  my new 8-15mm zoomable Fisheye.  Have I mentioned how much I like that lens? So, the Fisheye it was. Wait, there's more - I also set my Canon Mark III to the new HDR setting to simply play around and see what images I might capture.  Hey, If I didn't get the HDR effect I wanted, I still had the 3 separate exposures to choose from for a traditional photograph. 

Below is a collection of some of my favorite images from last night's walk back to our hotel.

From the AMC Theater roof top down on 42nd Street:

0001- NYC Fisheye919C4196

Another from the same rooftop looking down on 42nd Street:

0002- NYC Fisheye919C4207

In front of the McDonalds on 42nd:

0003- NYC Fisheye919C4219

42nd and Broadway heading up Broadway:

0004- NYC Fisheye919C4231

From 45th and Broadway looking down Broadway:

0005- NYC Fisheye919C4264


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Don’t forget to check out my new set of Photoshop Freebies following this post – you’ll love them. On that note, we heading out to see the sights today and visit a few friends.  I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for Technique Tuesday.

Have a great one and I'll see you then,  David

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