Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Hit Monday: Photography: Tips, News, Rumors, and Inspiration & Photoshop Freebies

Good Afternoon Everybody,

PhotoPro Expo 2012 FireworksWe’re blowing the top off the convention center this weekend! It’s official - PhotoPro Expo 2012 is hands down, the largest photographic event in the Midwest! We’ve already sold out two hotels but still were able to secure the $99 room rate at two more nearby hotels. 

We are also an international event with photographers attending from 25 states and Canada! The Expo Tradeshow will also be the largest in the Midwest with nearly 90 booths and Westcott’s Fantasy Model Shootout – and the Expo trade show and shootout are FREE!  WOW! You still have time to register – just use the link on the right side of the blog. 

Can’t make it to the entire show, then at least plan to come to the Expo Tradeshow and Fantasy Model Shootout – FREE Press Pass right here – scroll down to see it.  It’s going to be a great weekend!

As usual, with PhotoPro Expo 2012 only a few days away, things are at a boiling point around my studio.  I did find a minute or two to relax over the weekend and found a few cool links for today’s Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go…

Quick Hit Monday:

Photography: Tips, News, Rumors, and Inspiration

1. 5D Mark III – Coming Your Way February 7, 2012? Canon RumorsThat seems to be the rumor over at that the new camera may be released as early as next week - February 7, 2012. [link]

2. Why Wedding Photographers Prices are “Out Of Whack”: A great article that cuts to the chase and says it like it is.  A GREAT read! [link]

3. Tips on Posing a Subject Without Touching Them (With Explanations): I like this article by Chris Gampat because it is practical and to the point. Be sure to check out the “Facial Expression” chart at the end – AWESOME!  Way to go Chris!  [link]

4. Inspiring Colorization of Old Black and White Photos: Abe Lincoln

OK, this one is a little off the wall. The resulting images are eerily realistic to a photograph shot on color film – very well done. [link]

5. Fine Art Landscape, Nature & Wilderness Photography: My inspiration link for the day.  This post is also a great look at creativity by Michael E. Gordon – another very good read. [link]

Landscape photo

Photoshop Freebies & More

Eyelashes1. 35 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials: A fabulous link with amazing tutorials! [link]

2. 40 Cool Photoshop Tutorials You Can’t Afford To Miss: Photoshop inspiration [link]

3. How To Colorize Old (White & Black) Photo Adobe Photoshop: Beautifully done and very creative tutorial. [link] Also, see link #4 above.

Leather Textures4. Free High Quality Leather Textures for your Design: Some of the best leather textures I’ve seen. [link]

5. New Photoshop Brushes for Free: Brush zombies unite – another great resource for you! [link]


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Lot’s of great tips, creativity, inspiration and several sources of knowledge in today’s post – Enjoy!

See you tomorrow, David

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