Monday, January 23, 2012

Amazing FREE Model Shootout Coming To PhotoPro Expo; & Quick Hit Monday–All Weddings, All Day!

Good Morning Everybody,

Two more weeks to our PhotoPro Expo 2012 - I can't wait! But sill too much to do and too little time ;~)  But let me tell you about another exciting event we have scheduled during our Expo trade show - the largest photographic convention in the Midwest. 

Westcott Model Shootout & Contest With Prizes Coming In Two Weeks & It’s FREE!

My good friends at Westcott, you know, the makers of the Spider Lights, the Halo, and their new 84" parabolic umbrellas are putting together one fantastic Fantasy Shootout for PhotoPro Expo 2012 trade show this year.  The Grand Prize for best photo includes ALL the lighting gear from one of the shooting bays – nearly a $2,500 value!!!

Even world renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis will also be doing special presentations as well at the Westcott Fantasy Shootout! It keeps getting better and better!

Here are a few examples of what you can expect – Amazing!!!


Westcott first gave it a try at Photoshop World a couple of years ago and it went over like gangbusters!  I've asked them to do it again for my convention.


We have 4 models coming in for two days to work the four continuously lighted shooting bays Westcott will have set up in the shootout area.  The models will not be you're typical models - Westcott has some very exotic sets and costumes and makeup for the models.

WSO 2Think of it this way, you will be the fashion photographer for the day as you move through the four sets.  What a great way to enhance your studio shooting experience and build your portfolio. 

Press Pass 3My good friend, Rick Ferro and top photographer for Disney, will be on hand to help you with lighting advice and direction.  I also have scheduled several other talented photographers who will be sharing their lighting expertise with special presentations in one of the four shooting bays.  This is another "first" for a convention of this size and I sure hope you will be part of the fun. 

Now even if you can't make it to the full convention, at least plan to come by the Expo trade show and be part of the Westcott shootout but you'll need a Press Pass.

As a reader of DigitalProTalk you can order your FREE Press Pass - a $20 value - by emailing Jennifer at and she'll have your pass waiting for you at the Registration Desk. Hey, tell a friend - I'm sure they'll get a kick out of the shootout too. Remember; if you pre-register now it’s FREE!!!!

Quick Hit Monday – All About Weddings, All Day!

OK gang,  we're in high gear so let point you towards seven Quick Hits today - all wedding centric, BTW.  Enjoy the reads.

1. Ultimate Wedding Shots: Some great ideas to explore. [link]

2. 40 Excellent Examples of Wedding Photographs: I’m not so sure I’d agree with 40, but there are some creative ideas and some hot shots shown on this post – worth the trip. [link]

Wedding Pics2

3. Avoiding Wedding Photography Lawsuits and Upset Clients: Uhmmm… Where have I seen that before?  [link]

4. Phenomenal Photography - Gorgeous Black and White Bridal Portraits: Some good images in this post. [link]

5. How To Construct & Price Wedding Packages: Some basic, good ideas if you are just beginning to set up your wedding prices: [link]

6. Posing for Bridal Party Photography: Worth the look, images are nicely done. [link]

Wedding Pic3

And One For The Road----

7. 25 Unusual Wedding Photo Ideas: OK, maybe bordering on outright weird wedding photos – but maybe something will tickle your creative juices. Don’t you love this profession ;~)[link]__________________________________________________________

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  It's a pretty full day and I've got to get back to work. I'll plan to see you for another Technique Tuesday tomorrow. 

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you then. 


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