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Learning From The Top Guns; and I’m On “I Do Weddings” Webcast & the Grid Today.

Good Morning Everybody,

Cold2Brrrr...! Whoever said Florida was sunny and warn hasn't spent much time down here in January.  All the kids going to Disney were wearing heavy winter coats, hats and scarves and the visitors from Canada commented that they know cold... but here in Florida??? 

All joking aside, even Florida (35F) caught the cold snap that hammered the Midwest these last few days but warmer weather is in sight, thankfully ;~)

I’m On The Grid “LIVE” Today!

The GridEvery time we head to Florida, I always give our good friends at NAPP World Headquarters a call to see what's up. I got a call back last evening asking me to be on the GRID with Scott Kelby today at 4:00 EST.  I'm stoked!  We'll head over about 1:30 p.m., visit our good friends Matt, RC, Cory, and be on the air at 4:00 p.m.  I hope you’ll join into the broadcast.

I Do Weddings FREE Webcast Today!

SuccessWedding success is on the tips of your fingers – just a CLICK away! That's right, you can catch the second FREE broadcast of the Joy Of Marketing's “I Do” Wedding webcast today [link].  I'm kicking it off at 11:00 a.m. EST - yep, it's a busy day for me today.  But it's still another great speaker line up you don't want to miss. Here is the link to register right here.  Oh, BTW, you can get an audio preview of each speakers program right here - pretty cool.

Here's the line-up:

  • 11 am CST (9 am PST, 10 am MST, 12 pm EST) - David Ziser
  • 12 pm CST (10 am PST, 11 am MST, 1 pm EST) - Scott & Adina Hayne
  • 1 pm CST (11 am PST, 12 pm MST, 2 pm EST) - Steve & Jennifer Bebb
  • 2 pm CST (12 pm PST, 1 pm MST, 3 pm EST) - Mark Garber & Jennifer Gilman

Once again, lots of FREE stuff when registering and you'll have a chance at winning one of the BIG prizes. 

Today's prizes include:

  • A free 10x10 press printed album with a combo cover and 10 spreads from WHCC.
  • A brand new copy of ProSelect Pro Basic (MSRP $399).

Hope to see you there!

Learning From The Top Guns

First of all, let me thanks all those who have left their comments, warm wishes for the new year.  I’d like to address one of those comments left on my New Years post.

LearningDan writes:

“I'd like to end the year in asking how does one get feedback on the progress of their photography skills. I know that photographic and software seminars are a great start.However, here is the basis for my question.

I go to seminars, attend webinars, study software tutorials - great stuff for sure. But when I try to get input from top professionals, I don't have a lot of success. It seems that they are really busy to help individuals out.

I really understand that scenario, but would like to create some dialogue on how someone can get some honest input and critique on their work. Any suggestions?”

Hi Dan,  Thanks for the question. I’m sure lots of folks wanting to enhance their skills as photographers would love to have a personal mentor and coach – me included.  And you are right, these folks are very busy – that’s how they’ve reached their level of success.  Remember, there is no excuse for hard work when it comes chasing success. But you already know that.

Where Does One Find The Time?

I agree and sometimes it looks like some of these top guns just don’t have time for individual coaching and mentoring.  But please remember, there are only so many hours in a day and they are filling up most of them with all their projects and activities. Plus, many photographers are also working hard to carve out precious time with their families.

So where does that leave you, me, and so many others who would like a little one on one coaching?  I think the answer is easier that you think.  You need to invest you time and your dollars into that kind of coaching.  Never expect anything worth pursuing to be free. Unfortunately, there is a giant trend for many to feel “entitled” for personalized/individual help.

To Much A Sense Of Entitlement These Days

I should be entitled to FREE music, FREE movies, FREE education – I see it everyday on my Google alerts.  Google alerts, BTW, notifies you any time your name is mentioned on the web in a blog post, etc. You know what 90% of my Google alerts notices are? You may not believe it but 90% of my Google alerts are about people “ripping” off my Kelby Training videos over at RapidShare.  Heck, when my “Captured By The Light” book came out last year, it wasn’t 2 months before a FREE pdf was available FREE for download.  Too many people think this is OK, but it clearly is stealing! But I digress.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Here are my best suggestions for you.

ICE SocietyJerry Ghionis, one of speakers at PhotoPro Expo next month offers membership into his I.C.E Society [link] where he offers exactly what you are looking for – coaching and mentoring.  Sure, it’s going to set you a back a few hundred dollars for the year, but my gosh, learning from one of the top wedding photographers in the world – what a deal!

Also check out Tim and Bev Walden’s Coaching Community [link].  Tim and Bev are two of the very best photographers and excellent trainers in the country.  They offer individualized training for all their members – again, it’s going to cost you a few hundred dollars a year to join.

I Do2Joy Of Marketing [link] is another great source of targeted specialized training.  I just posted about their FREE webcast today.  Don’t miss it and then sign up for the entire Joy of Marketing experience.  They offer several levels of coaching too.

My good buddy, Chuck Lewis [link], also offers, sales training and coaching to his community of subscribers.

At the PhotoPro Expo [link] happening February 2-6, 2012 we are offering at NO charge to photographers an opportunity to bring a sample portfolio of images to be critiqued by “an expert”. To take advantage of this experience you simply need to email LaDawn at  and she will schedule a time during the trade show hours  of 12:00 – 5:00 for your personal portfolio review on Saturday, February 4th or Sunday February 5th.

Invest In Yourself, Invest In Your Business!

MoneyDan, I have to tell, when I was starting my business, I spent $1,000’s of dollars a year to get the training I wanted. Up to that point I had spent $50,000 – $100,000 getting my Physics and Engineering degrees. 

Now I was spending hard earned dollars on education again – to fast start my photographic ambitions. There are not cheap short-cuts these days even though the internet is chocked full of FREE solid educational content.  Going the next step is going to cost you a few bucks.

I’m not quite finished with my answer today, but since I currently have over 2 hours into today’s post, I have to get back to my real job ;~)  I’ll plan to do a Part 2 follow up part of this topic next week.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We’re packing up and getting ready to travel across the state to Oldsmar, Florida – NAPP’s world headquarters and prep for the GRID.  I’ll see you there at 4:00 EST and the “I Do” wedding webcast going on NOW.

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Dave,
    Great article with good advice (as always) and you’re absolutely correct. Many of the top professionals in the wedding industry themselves have devoted unlimited time and energy learning their craft. To take learning to the next level will be an investment of a cash outlay. I have a couple of additional ideas that Dan could follow up with. Each state has an affiliate Professional Photographers of American group and many times, each city has its own group PP of A professionals. I know many times, both have competitions and critiques as part of the program line up. I would also recommend joining WPPI. When he joins these groups, he could network with photographers of like mind and be mentored at the same time.
    Greg Williams