Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HOT NEWS! Lightroom 4 Beta Just Released!

Lightroom 4Hey gang, just a quick note.  Right now I’m watching Matt Kloskowski and Adobe’s Lightroom 4 product manager [link] “LIVE'” discussing Lightroom 4.  The show repeats at 12, 2, & 4 today.  Definitely worth the watch!

I’m in the process of downloading the beta right now [link] – pretty big download – 411MB – but I can’t wait to fire it up.  Lightroom 4 beta NAPPNew features include great new video features – yes, you can edit and adjust video clips; complete control with all sliders now included; interesting new Book Module; and much more!

Scott and Matt have already put up a lot of videos on the new features at Kelby Training – way cool gang. 

I’ve got to run right now – I’ll be back a bit later today. In the mean time, tune in the Kelby Training “LIVE” broadcast right here.


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