Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Technique Tuesday: PhotoPro Expo Only 4 Weeks Away! & No Flash Pizzazz

Good Morning Everybody,

Welcome to a brand new year at DigitalProTalk.  Today I’m hailing to you from sunny, yet a bit chilly, Orlando, Florida. That’s right, after the holidays LaDawn and I head south for a little recharge before we launch big time into the new year. We have a few friends in the area, including my son, Aaron, who we plan on catching up with this week.

Still Working Hard Though

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m still working hard every day – the BIGGEST item on my plate being our PhotoPro Expo with is now only four weeks away!  We have photographers attending from 22 states around the country, including Canada, so this is going to be a truly international event.  And, one of the best learning experiences happening  in the Midwest for 2012!

PhotoPro Expo picsI sure hope you plan to attend. Our room block is filling fast at the 4-star Marriott on the river so if you’re planning to come by, be sure to book your room right away before they sell out.  Hit the link to the right for all the info.

Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you posted about all the special activities we have planned for the convention. I think you’ll be amazed!

No Flash Pizzazz! Or How To Make Wedding?Portrait Images Exciting Without Flash!

There, I said it.  Can you believe it? Ziser talking about getting great wedding images without using a flash.  I know my mantra at DigitalProTalk is nearly always about off-camera flash, creating highlights next to shadows, going for the loop lighting pattern – you know the speech.

But, all joking (and preaching) aside, I know you can still create some terrific images with nature’s own wonderful light.  I think the secret to creating outstanding images without flash, particularly wedding and portrait images lies in the fact that you as the creator of the image have a decent sense of color, composition, timing, and lighting skills.

In today’s lesson I’ll walk you through about two dozen images discussing why I think these images stand on their own without any use of extraneous additive lighting.  In this tutorial you’ll get a peek as to how I compose my images, what I’m seeing in the camera before pressing the shutter button, and how I utilize all the elements of the scene to get exciting images without secondary light sources.

Why not hit the PLAY button and enjoy the show.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today. I’ve got a few hours of work to complete before we head to Ormond Beach, Florida to spend the day with my son, Aaron.

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you tomorrow, same time, same station.

Adios, –David

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  1. can't believe you said it, but glad you did David. Very encouraging!