Monday, January 30, 2012

"Blue Boy"

Blue Boy

"Blue Boy"
© David A. Ziser

This is one of my favorite and most lasting images I have ever taken over the years. We were set up in the church basement during the reception – portrait background and lights in place.

I remember trying to get young Nicholas to smile and he just would have nothing of it. Even his dad was tying to coax him from behind my camera - still no luck. Finally his dad ordered Nicholas to do what he was told. He defiantly finally pushed his hands into his pockets, said “No”, and pouted back. I hit the shutter, and knew I had the shot.

Nicholas is now in his mid twenties and has his own little "ring bearers" running around the house. I had not seen Nicholas in 22+ years, but his fiancé call and both she and Nicolas came by and interviewed me to photograph their wedding. It would have been great shoot my most famous ringer bearer as a groom.

Camera specs: Medium format Hasselblad CM camera fitted with 150mm Sonar lens, F8.0 at 1/125 second, Kodak Vericolor 400 film 9ISO 400).  Enjoy!  David


  1. This has the very same feeling than the famous Finnish artist Hugo Simberg's works, specially the "Wounded Angel" (you can find that on google search "Haavoittunut enkeli"). The boy on the right of the painting looks just the same.

  2. I am quite surprised that you would not be the photographer of choice for his wedding. Quality of product certainly could not have been an issue-your work is tremendous. He must have been on a $500 wedding photographer budget like so many others today.

    PS: Your video tutorials are truly the best.