Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Wedding Photography; Night Photography; Photoshop Christmas Goodies; & More!

Good Morning Everybody,

We arrived home to a chilly Cincinnati, Ohio late Saturday evening. Sunday was pretty much an off day but today we're off and running with a pretty crazy schedule until the weekend. Most of the studio orders are delivered with the exception of one large wedding delivery for one of my favorite clients.

PhotoProExpo logo1Most of my efforts this week will be spent spreading the word on our fantastic Photo Pro Expo 2012 which kicks off on Super Bowl weekend February 2 next year. You'll really want to check it out It is the photographic education bargain of the century. Our speaker line up includes some of the top names in our industry including Scott Kelby, Jerry Ghionis, Joel Grimes, Kirk Voclain, Sarah Petty, Skip Cohen, Lindsay Adler, and many more.

Every time I start talking about it I get really fired up so why not just check out the link right here for all the information. Remember, you want to use promo code PPE DPT 12 to receive the posted registration price.

Since time is short let's get right to today's post. I've got a couple cool things selected I think you will really enjoy. Here we go…

Quick Hit Monday

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Wedding Photographer [link]:

Wedding Shoot1This is quite interesting link. Wedding photographer, Jaroslav Repta attached a video camera to his shooting rig and recorded his entire wedding shoot. At first glance I thought it was just kind of a fun video but within the first few minutes I was hooked and had to watch the whole thing. I found the entire presentation quite interesting and intriguing. I think it's worth a peek right here.

Nightscapes: Photographing the City at Night [link]:

I'm a huge fan of nighttime photography and, even during our Cabo visit I captured many interesting photographs of the nighttime street scenes in the city. This link is a great post on how to get the best result for your next nighttime city photo walk. Hey, stay tuned, I may just post a nighttime photo walk here in Cincinnati in the next few months.

70 Heart Touching Examples Of Emotive Portraits Photography [link]:

Emotive PortraitsYou know, I think it's a good creative exercise to view images outside our normal field of expertise. I'm a wedding/portrait photographer but I still enjoy beautiful examples of other kinds of imagery. Every week I'm on the lookout for images just to get my creative juices flowing a bit more. I think you'll find this post of 70 touching examples of emotive portraits quite interesting.

Steve McCurry's One-Minute Master Class #9 [link]:

This is one of those links that gives you a nice insight into another great photographer’s thought processes. These 1 minute master classes do just that. I like hearing how Steve thinks, how he frames up his images and how he works to that finished result. Always a good lesson when one learns from the master.

Smoke Photography Tips [link]
Smoke PhotoEven though I’m a portrait/wedding photographer there are times when I just like to experiment and play with different kinds of imagery. I've been a fan of smoke photography for a number of years and this post goes into about the best detail I've ever seen on the subject. If you want to have a little fun on the side, I recommend this post to you.

Photoshop Freebies and More

Christmas Ornaments In A Flash! [link]

Okay gang, this is about the most fun Photoshop action that I've seen in a long time. Remember when you were a kid and sat around the week before Christmas making Christmas ornaments? Now you can do something really cool.

Christmas CubeThis PS action allows you to cut your Christmas decoration bills substantially too. Just load photos of your kids in the Photoshop Action, press PLAY and watch the fun begin. Now you can give grandma a brand-new set of Christmas ornaments that she can enjoy for years to come at practically no cost to you;~) All kidding aside, this is a pretty cool little Photoshop Action for kids and adults alike.

25 Best Free Useful Photoshop Actions [link]

And speaking of actions, here's 25 more free actions for your Christmas stocking.

40 Stunning Free Christmas Vector Collections [link]

Christmas VectorsAnd speaking of Christmas, how about these beautiful Christmas vector collections. Now you can make your very own gift tags and holiday cards. Just look how DigitalProTalk is saving you so much money for Christmas this year;~)


Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'm running late as usual but I still hope you enjoy the links for today's Quick Hit Monday. This week's postings will be sporadic with all the crazy things going on. But hang in there, I’m doing my best during the holiday rush. Just keep smiling.

See you tomorrow, David

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  1. So much great work on that emotive portraits link and I couldn't stop watching that wedding photographer video either.