Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pixel Shifting: Making Your Photograph The Best It Can Be!

Good Morning Everybody,

We wrapped another fairly lazy day down her in San Jose del Cabo yesterday walking the streets, visiting some of the very interesting shops, enjoying lunch at, Tropicana's, one of the local favorites in San Jose.

0001- 6 FriendsIMG_1362-EditLater that evening we headed out to Javier's restaurant which is a dining jewel nestled in the Cabo Azul Resort just a few minutes from where we're staying. That's LaDawn and I on the left; Kent and Sarah, our hosts in the middle; and Ralph and his wife Cindy on the right. 

You know, when you think about it, it's good to spend time with your friends, all successful studio owners, and just kick around business ideas with each other.  Sure, we're enjoying being with each other this trip, but many times conversations have veered off on various topics, of photography, production, and business building. 

Not only is this trip a relaxing, recharging get away for all six of us, it's also a great opportunity to discuss new strategies and opportunities for the 2012 season.  Maybe not a bad idea for anyone reading this post today;~) 

The highlight of our evening visit is always a visit to Javier’s with it’s the magnificent setting sun over the Sea of Cortez.  Even though yesterday we weren't treated to one of the spectacular sunsets we have seen in the past, the beautiful, rich play of oranges, blues, and reds in the sky gave one reason to pause and  soak up the last rays of Mexican daylight.

OK, time to get to today's Technique Tuesday.  Here we go.

Pixel Shifting: Making Your Photograph The Best It Can Be!

Yesterday, while preparing my "Image Of The Day" post, I got sidetracked just a bit in Photoshop. The image composition just wasn't quite what I wanted.  I wanted the focal point to be the colors of the setting sun over the gates.  The images was originally made with the gates and the sun very near the center of the image.  What could I do?

Cropping was out - I needed to retain the palm trees on the right to maintain the visual balance of the scene.  I was also troubled by the fact that my image had caught part of the spa shown in the original image.  I was able to shift the pixels though out the entire image to get exactly what I needed for my final result.  As a matter of fact I shifted 100% of the pixels you saw in yesterday's image post!  Want to see how I did it?  Hit the PLAY button below and prepare to be AMAZED!


Pretty cool tutorial wasn't it.  The latest features on Photoshop continue to amaze and surprise me! I know this was a non-people image but I already have a few ideas on how I could use these same tools for my wedding photography too.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  The sun is shining bright and the weather is perfect.  We're heading into Cabo San Lucas today to show the Romagueras the sights and grab lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the Office.  Oh, they have the best Margaritas in town too.  Looks like another easy day;~)

Have a wonderful  day and I hope to see everyone tomorrow.

Adios,  David

p.s.  Hey gang, don't forget about our PhotoPro Network Hot Shots Print Competition, Review, and Webcast on Thursday - all the details right here.  We still have a few slots open for entries so, if you want to be part of the fun, you can still submit images and register for the webcast right here.  Hope to see you there!  David

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