Monday, December 05, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: All Photography Links - All Day

Good Morning Everybody,

Cabo Colors2I can't believe this is our 6th day here in the land of sun and fun - time just flies by when you don't have much to do ;~)  Ha - it's back to work today.  More finishing touches on PhotoPro Expo 2012 brochure, getting ready for Hot Shots Print Competition and webcast this Thursday, and getting started on my program outlines/articles (due in two weeks) for Photoshop World coming up In Washington DC next March 26, 2012.

Yep, it's still kind of busy - even in Cabo. Nevertheless I've still got a few good links for you to check out today on Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go.

Monday Morning's Best Photography Links Of Interest:

The Diplomatic Photograph Of The Century! [link]

How do you photograph 100 Heads Of State, all who speak a different language and get them to stand in the right position, and all smile at the same time?  That was the challenge for my good friend, Terry Deglau, who was working at Eastman Kodak at the time.

Terry 100 leadersCNN interviewed Terry about the experience and the challenges he faced to capture this most important photograph.  I've heard parts of the story over the years but seeing Terry's interview really brought those many challenges into view.  It was an amazing photographic feat.  Check out Terry's interview right here.

Prime lensPrime Lenses: Pros and Cons: [link]

Hey folks, check out this well written post over at Picture Correct before you purchase your next lens.  It's a very informative read for all photographers.

Introduction To Night Photography: [link]

Night photoI always enjoy a little night photography.  I rely on my camera and my intuition to get my best images.

If you're looking for a place to begin, check out this article right here.  It's a good read.

Photojournalists Becoming A Thing Of The Past?  [link]

Yes, this is one of those very scary stories and points up just how quickly the photographic landscape is changing for so many photographers and videographers.  Give it a read right here.  It's important we constantly strive to be creative and never rest on out laurels.

Photographer Shoot-off: Lara Jade VS Joey L.: [link]

Lara Jade Joey LThose of you that have ever followed the Strobist know that Joey L. is an accomplished, world class photographer in spite of his very young age.  Lara Jade is also a fantastic fashion photographer.  This post at Joey's site is a great de-construct of the thought processes both photographers went through to get their respective final images.  I love these kinds of posts that invite the reader into the mind of creative people.

Iceland Time-lapse Photography: [link]

IcelandThis beautiful short time-lapse film right here was captured during the Icelandic Midnight Sun in June of 2011 and has become a recent viral video garnering over a million views in the last few months.  A hope this will provide to you a little Monday morning Inspiration for your soul.

Video of Wave Destroying Canon 5D Mark II at (Where Else?) Cannon Beach: [link]

Cameras awayOK, I'm going out on a limb on this post.  If you get queasy watching a $2,500 camera getting trashed, please do not hit this link!  Oh, alright - everything turns out fine anyway so go ahead and hit the link above.  Filmmaker Kurtis Hough was shooting the Pacific Ocean with his Canon 5D Mark II at (irony of ironies) Cannon Beach in Oregon when a wave took down his entire rig. You won't believe this story and video.

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Our friends Ralph and Cindy Romaguera arrived yesterday and we're all hanging today just chillin' in the Cabo breezes.  Hope things are as sunny in your part of the world ;~)

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you tomorrow,  David

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  1. The link about the lost 5D MkII just hurt looking at it!