Monday, November 07, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: $50 From B&H; Animoto BIG Promo; Help-Portrait 2011; & Are Your Sure You Want To Be A Wedding Photographer?

Good Afternoon Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We wrapped our business in Sedona on Friday and had a nice relaxing day off on Saturday. We got quite a nice weather surprise Saturday morning as we awoke. It turns out that they broadcasted snow coming in Friday night so we awoke Saturday morning it was a beautiful sight from our balcony to see the snowcapped mountains in the distance – very unusual for that time of year. 


With it getting this close to the holidays, a little snow certainly puts you in the mood to pull out Christmas decorations ;~)

We made it back home safe and sound late last evening, just in time to order pizza and watched the Steelers/Ravens game on Sunday night football. After our three-week odyssey it was certainly good to get back home. I thought we would be coming home to rain and snow but we've got great weather around here for the next few days to – another nice weather surprise.

There's still a lot on my plate for these next few weeks but no more travels until the end of the month. LaDawn and I are looking forward to being home for a few weeks, getting ready for the holiday season. Wow, can you believe we’re that close to Christmas already!

I been collecting several things for our Quick Hit Monday post today and when I think I’m good to go, more things keep popping in my inbox. I've got lots of announcements and news flashes for you today so let’s get right to it.

“Make Your Lighting Exciting” Book Update & Chance To Win $50 B&H Gift Card:

B-H 50 Gift CardHey gang, I want to thank all of you for the many suggestions I’ve received about my upcoming lighting book.  Yes, I got the “go ahead” from Kelby Media to write my second book [link].

I did a little crowd sourcing and ask all of you to contribute your ideas/suggestions for the book as well. I also promised a $50 B&H gift card to the idea I liked the best. We have 28 great ideas posted so far! I’d like to keep this contest running for the next couple of weeks since we had such a great response on it so far. Check out my original post right here and post your suggestions in the comment section following that post.  You just may win the $50 B&H gift card.

Animoto Pro November Promo – 15 Months For The Price Of 12!

Animoto PromeHey gang, with all of our travels I haven't had a chance to tell you about Animoto's new November promotion. REMEMBER THIS CODE – DAVIDNOV.

I've been a big fan of Animoto going back to its early beta-test days. I think it's simply one of the best ways to promote your business if you are a photographer.  It’s also a great way to sizzle your client experience.

Animoto Pro is the tool top photographers have embraced to generate more visibility for their studios, bring new clients through the door, and increase sales. Turning your photography and video clips into custom HD videos in just minutes, Animoto Pro lets you spend more time doing what you love - shooting amazing photos.

They’ve got a great offer for my DigitalProTalk readers. Get 15 months for the price of 12 when you purchase one year of Animoto Pro by November 10! Just CLICK HERE use the secret code DAVIDNOV and you’re receive the best deal ever on Animoto Pro.

Just a quick footnote  – remember, my daughter Elizabeth works at Animoto and we want to keep her on the payroll ;~)

HELP–PORTRAIT Needs Your Help! 10 DEC 2011

Help-Portrait 2011I just received an e-mail from Jeremy Cowart, who if you don't know, began the Help-Portrait Project a few years ago. Last year LaDawn and I, along with Kent and Sarah Smith, participated in the project.  We set up in the poorest section of the barrio area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and spent an afternoon photographing families who had never had a photograph taken. Here is a link to our story in Mexico last year.

It was an extremely rewarding experience and we plan to do it again this December. I’m asking all of our readers to help spread the word and participate in this year's Help –Portrait Project. It's scheduled for December 10, 2011.  And, again, I really want to encourage each of our readers took for explore the possibility of setting up your own Help-Portrait Project in your own city or community. DETAILS HERE!

Are Your Sure You Want To Be A wedding Photographer?

Uhmmm, Let Me Think About That #1

Happy CoupleIf you haven't seen this story on the Internet yet, you have to check it out [link]. It's one of those crazy stories that pops up every once in a while that really makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a wedding photographer.

This story is about an ex-groom who separated from his wife in 2008 with the divorce being completed 2 years ago. He wants to sue the wedding photographer who took their wedding photographs in, get this, 2003 because the photographer missed the bouquet toss and the final dance. How much does the ex-groom want from the photographer – $52,000! 

Oh, by the way, nobody even knows where the bride is at this point – she’s left the country!

Check out all the crazy details right here – you just won't believe it.

And even more CRAZY STORIES about CRAZY WEDDING LAWSUITWS right here – unbelievable but true!

Uhmmm, Let Me Think About That #2

Robatics 1Wedding photography sure has changed over the last four or five years. Now it looks like it's changing again – robotic wedding photographers! This was a very interesting video [link] that was posted by Microsoft's robotics division.

Robotics 2Skip through the first two thirds of it to actually see the robot in action. Yes, it's a robot that shoots party photographs – i.e. wedding reception candids. Heck, maybe we can even have the robot deliver the DVD on the spot. Or maybe we won't even have to show up to shoot the event. Ahhhh, the future of wedding photography :~)

But If You Really Do Want To Be A Wedding Photographer

Read this super informative piece on the subject entitled, “Getting Started as a Wedding Photographer'” [link].


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  It’s my first day back in the office and I’ve got to get back to  my real job. 

See ya’ tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday.

Till then, David

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