Friday, November 18, 2011 3,000th Post Today!

Good Morning Everybody,

3000And welcome to my 3000th post at Yes, it's true, today is 3000 posts old. That's quite a milestone and I have all of you, my loyal readers, to thank for giving me the incentive to post 5 days a week for these last 4 1/2 years.

Since starting this blog around September of 2007 now averages about 350,000 page views a month with its 3.3 million readers coming from 205 countries worldwide!  The countries leading in readership are the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Spain, and Italy in that order.


Again, when I look at the analytics it just boggles my mind. I'm both humbled and grateful with the readers who have shared time with me at

Let me give you more a few more statistics that has logged. The average daily postings totaling over 1500 words each day brings the total words that I blogged to just a little over 1.6 million. That many words would fill 2 copies of the Bible, both Old and New Testament or 3 copies of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel, War and Peace

There have been over 200 video tutorials posted on everything from lighting, photography, light room, Photoshop, and business building tips.

Find TTues

To give you a little hint on how to find all of them just enter Technique Tuesday in the search box in the top left corner of this blog.

Sales GrothAmong these 3000 posts are over 200 Business Day Thursday posts. These posts are always targeted to photographers, from aspiring professional to seasoned pro, and focus on success tips that can help you continue to grow your business.

There have also been over 1000 “image of the day” posts. It is sometimes challenging to find an image five days a week. With each image I attempt to post the back story, what I was thinking as I was making that image, the technical details involved, and any pertinent lighting details as well. Nearly all the images have been posted with the pertinent excerpt data as well. Daily Image

The easy way to explore the over 1000 images is to just search © David A. Ziser and just about all of them should pop since I include this copyright information with each photograph.

Other ways to search content on my blog is by exploring the topics listing in the right-hand column. You may have to scroll down just a bit to see them.

One thing I like about my blog is that there is no easy way to find any specific point of information. It is very much akin to my CD and DVD collection. Those collections to are neither organized or alphabetical which makes it a nice surprise when I find a CD or DVD selection that really intrigues me. I guess a different way of saying this is that, even for the occasional reader, is full of surprises.

Another way to enjoy is to just browse through the post titles also included in the right column of the blog. Just pick any year, and then any month and then read through the titles. I'm sure you'll find something there that you like.

I've been thinking about changing header to read more simply:

DigitalProTalk – Stop on by, you'll always learn something here.

Thank You - BigI think that says it all.  So in closing, let me say once again THANK YOU!! to all of my readers. Thank you to LaDawn for allowing me to continue to take the time to post/research daily. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'll keep writing if you'll keep reading;~)

I'll see you again bright and early on Monday morning, all the pixels willing. Have a great weekend everybody.

– David


  1. Bravo. No small feat. Keep it up David, very much appreciated.

  2. David, what a wonderful achievement! I'm so thankful that I was refered to your site 3 years ago, the books, the photos, everything has been very inspiring. I look forward to meeting you some day when you are in the Salt Lake City area or if I can find the means to attend one of your master classes. keep it up!

  3. You rock, David! Always learning something new in each of your blog posts!

  4. David, many THANKS from good old germany. I learn(ed) a lot from your blog and book. May god bless you and your family. - Greetings rk

  5. David, Thank you for blogging, writing, videoing, touring, and teaching! To paraphrase Churchill: You are just the kinda guy out with which we cannot put!! Keep on writing, I can still see my iPad screen.

    Joe Reilly

  6. You (and I hate to use this reference) are the patron saint of the Wedding Photographers. Both my wife and I just love how you have helped us move up to that higher level of photography.

  7. Congratulations on your milestone David! I'd like to thank you for every one of them too! Your are such a great resource and inspiration for all of us. On to the next 3000!

  8. David,

    Thank you for sharing your photograpy with the world. I for one come be at least once a day to hear what you have to say. I have learn so much from topic/videos you post. I hope you continue to be so generous to thoes that fallow you on this daily blog.

    Thanks again,

  9. David,
    Congratulations on reaching your 3000 post.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on lighting and photography, it is very much appreciated.

    Thanks again
    Alex Saunders

  10. David,

    Congratulations! This is truly quite an achievement. Thank you for sharing all of this great information with the photography world. I am astounded with your persistence... keep up the great work! I am a daily reader of your blog, and have gained a wealth of knowledge, and inspiration, from your work here, as well as your book (looking forward to the next one :-). All of this has helped better my photography for the enjoyment of myself and others. Thank you very much!

    Congratulations! and Best Wishes!
    Ven McAndrew, St. Joseph, Mchigan