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Inspiration Day Wednesday: Amazing Photographers, Amazing Photographs!

Good Morning Everybody,

I have to be honest with you, I am running lean today on ideas for a post. I spent all day yesterday working on our PhotoPro Expo 2012 convention, didn't quite finish, and ran out of time at the end of the day before heading off to my next meeting early in the evening. Today is shaping up pretty much the same - too much to do, a few too many appointments, and too little time to get everything finished.

Inspiration Day: Amazing Photp0graphers, Amazing Photographs!

So, like they say, “turn a lemon into lemonade”. As I was collecting photographs from all of our speakers at PhotoPro Expo 2012, I was blown away by the imagery I saw by our lineup of speakers! I thought what I could do for you today is share with you some the excitement I was feeling yesterday perusing the many fabulous images that I was collecting for the PhotoPro Expo 2012 website.

PhotoProExpo 2012It was the range of imagery that impressed me most. At next year's PhotoPro Expo 2012 I'm bringing together a collection of SUPER speakers whose work really expands all fields of interest in photography. As a result, I think next year's PhotoPro Expo 2012 is going to be one outstanding “Education Destination” for all those that attend.

That said, let me share with you a few of the images from three of our extremely talented speakers that we have scheduled for the show. Let's see if you don't feel the same level of excitement that I did yesterday collecting these images.

Scott Kelby What more can you say?

Scott is one of the best-selling authors on Photoshop and Lightroom. Always the constant learner, about five years ago Scott started hanging out with some of the top photographers in their profession and, being a really quick study, morphed himself into one of the top photographers shooting today. His style ranges from landscapes to fashion to sports photography and everything in between.  He seems to be a master at just about anything he tries.

SK - image35[1]

This is one of my favorite images that most impressed me from his on-line portfolio at 500px right here.  I just love this landscape photograph – the composition, the colors, the energy makes this image one of most exciting Western landscapes that I've seen. What I think makes this image particularly interesting is the fact that there was a pool of water in the foreground that reflected the sky and, having photographed in a similar situation myself, it's quite a treat to see. Scott has many exciting images over 500

Now check out this football image – it blows you away! It’s completely the opposite end of the photographic spectrum demanding a photographic skill set far different that the landscape image but Scott still nails it.  What a visual treat!

SK pic

Jerry Ghionis - Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire!

Another of our headline speakers is Jerry Ghionis, one of the top wedding photographers in the world. I've had a chance to get to know Jerry over these last couple of years and, whether I hear him speak from the stage or cruise his website, I'm always excited about the wedding imagery that he produces.  It is astonishing beautiful and exciting to behold. I think it's his creativity that far exceeds just about every other wedding photographer working today.

Jerry 2I just love this photograph of the bride and groom backlit with the splashes of water also highlighted in the scene. The juxtaposition with the saxophone player completes a composition and captures one very special moment for this bride and groom.

Jerry 3

Jerry just has a way of bringing all the elements together to make that final image just seem to sing. He definitely has the magic touch when it comes to wedding photography. Just check out his portfolio images right here.

I'm thrilled that we have him on board for PhotoPro Expo 2012 next year. And, he is also scheduled for an additional day-long program on Monday, February 6, 2012!. I can't wait.

Lindsay Adler - Quite The Fashion Statement!

Another photographer's work that just absolutely blows me away is the work of Lindsay Adler, a fashion photographer from New York City. I had the occasion to hear Lindsay speak at WPPI earlier this year and also a second chance to visit with her when she came to Cincinnati for the After Dark program.

She also had the market cornered at Sigma’s booth at the WPPI convention this past spring. Every image in the Sigma booth was created by Lindsay and every single one of those images had an absolutely mesmerizing effect on the viewer.

Lindsay is also part of our PhotoPro Expo 2012 lineup for next year. I think she brings a sense of style to her photography that should excite any photographer attending her session regardless of whatever field they happen to be working in. 


The image I posted here is one of my favorite Lindsay Adler images. It's more than her use of light and color in this image that makes it such an exciting photograph for me.  She breaks a lot of the portrait rules that I've learned over the years. When photographing profiles of people I was always taught to create a base with the subject’s shoulders that the head could rest upon. What Lindsay has done is completely sidestepped that rule.

In the above image she has done exactly the opposite by completely minimizing the model’s shoulders by how she has turned them away from the camera. That shoulder view, together with the overblown hairstyle makes the model’s head look that much larger – almost alien.

Then Lindsay adds her special touches to the composition - the blue skin, the matching blue background light, and the green highlights on the hair – these touches make for an outstandingly beautiful image!


I highly recommend you check out her website right here. I think I spent way too much time there yesterday but, I enjoyed every moment looking at every single one of her images – truly inspiring.

Hey gang, that's a quick preview of a few of the great speakers we have lined up for our PhotoPro Expo 2012 next year. We’ve got a grand total of 15 speakers coming to town and the photographic collections of the other 12 speakers is equally as impressive as the few I high-lighted.  Over the next few days I'll share a few more of my favorite images from our other superstar lineup of photographers. I hope the photographs in the links today will inspire you as much as they have inspired me.


Hey gang, that's got to be it for me today. Once again it's a very busy day and I better get back to work. How about I see everybody again tomorrow for a brand new “Business Day Thursday: Selling The Appropriate Sized Wedding Coverage”.

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you then.

Adios, David

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