Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Technique Tuesday: Photoshop Fashion With Suzette Allen

Good Morning Everybody,

We had a great time at my Dave Cross Workshop yesterday.  It was a small group which made it nice for all involved to really interact  making it a nice educational experience for all of us, me included.


I think the location shoot at Philippe Park was my favorite.  I have shot a few Kelby Training videos in Philippe Park over the last few years including my soon to be released “couples” video. 

It is a beautiful, large sprawling park with Spanish Moss hanging from most of the trees, a beautiful water-walk right on the bay, along with several other wonderful locations that made it a real kick to work in yesterday.  I’ll share a few of the images with you over the next few days.

Live Oak Bride

We wrapped the evening with a great dinner at our favorite restaurant, City Fish Seafood Grill, with our good friend R.C. Conception of Layers TV fame.  We were also joined by Kathy, one of our class members who also arranged the very beautiful Liz to be our model.  It was a great way to wrap the day.

Kicking Off Our Captured By The Light California 2011 Tour Tomorrow!

That’s right, early this afternoon, we board a jet to San Diego where tomorrow evening I’ll present my first program in our three city CBTL 2011 seminar series.  You can get all the info and register right here

What A Deal!

Summer Success Collection Ad2The very cool thing about this year’s series is that for only $59 you get the entire 4 1/2 hour program, $600 worth of real goodies, a DVD set with the entire presentation on it along with an additional 5 hours of info, the tour handbook, and a chance to win over $2,500, yes, $2,500 of door prizes just for showing up!!!

Can’t Make It – No Problem!

Can’t make it to one of the three locations, NO problem! You can still receive the 4 1/2 hour presentation DVD set, bonus 5 hour DVD of additional information and the valued $600 goodies. Simply go to THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and place your order for the Summer Success collection. It’s still only $59.00 (plus shipping).

Tons Of Info & Door Prizes!

MoneyThis is a great program jammed packed with info on lighting and composition, I love to present it.  As usual, we have tons of door prizes to give away at each of the three cities – $2,500 per city!!!!

All the info is right here.  Hope to see you there!

Technique Tuesday: Photoshop Fashion With Suzette Allen

A few weeks ago DigitalProTalk and PhotoPro Network hosted a fabulous webcast with my good friend and Photoshop Fasionista, Suzette Allen.  Here are a few of the comments that come across during Suzette’s program:

“Fun,Fun,Fun!” Victoria H.

“Applause, Applause!!!” Dave D.

“This is an amazing presentation!” Lee E.

And from many others: “Great job!, Outstanding!, Fantastic!”

Anyway, you get the idea.  Everyone really loved the program.  I knew a lot of folks would not be able to make it at the scheduled time so I recorded it for re-broadcast today.

In this program, Suzette will walk you through some very clever, easy to understand, tips and techniques to really take your images to the next level with ease and aplomb.  I sat there mesmerized as I watched Suzette work.  I think you are really going to enjoy the webcast.  Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show!


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We’ve got bags to pack, people to see and planes to catch.  How about I see everyone tomorrow in sunny California and hopefully at my program tomorrow evening.

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you then,  David

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