Monday, October 24, 2011

Setting Up Google+; Inspiration; Lightroom Presets; And Lots Of News You Need To Know

Good Morning Everybody,

We had a great seminar in Brea, California last Friday. My Captured By The Light tour was hosted by our good friends at the Orange County Photography Center.  From left to right - David LaNeve, and his wife Julie, myself, and my buddy Don Zimmer.

Orange County PC

What they have put together is quite unique proposition for photographers.  Here is the deal.  A photographer pays a very reasonable monthly fee for membership into the Photography Center.  For that fee, that have the privilege of using the extensive facilities, reception area, sales areas, several large and one  huge shooting studios anytime they're available. 

What a great way to cut down on the exorbitant overhead of owning your own studio location.  I think it's a brilliant concept for any photographer wanting to be more professional, more profitable, and more creative in these extremely competitive times.  Check out the Orange County Photography Center right here.

DAZ OCPCThanks again you guys for hosting our sold out, standing room only CBTL seminar last Friday - a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

The Whirlwind Continues This Week!

It's been a whirlwind of teaching, travel, and shooting these last three weeks.  From a webcast with Suzette Allen 3 weeks ago [link], to my Master Class 2 weeks ago (recap here), then to Tampa for a wedding and my workshop for Dave Cross, programs in San Diego and LA last week, and our sold out Napa Experience this week, it will be nice to slow it down a bit come Thursday morning.

Lush, Ripe Wine Grapes with Mist Drops on the VineIt has been a kick!  With all the teaching, about the most I've done in this long of a stretch, it has been quite an invigorating experience in helping me get my "brain juices" flowing.  I even mentioned to LaDawn on our 7 hour drive to Napa/Sonoma area on Saturday how excited I was with all the images I've had a chance to create these last three weeks.  I cant wait to see what happens during my Napa Experience class this week.  As usual, you will be the first to know.

From The Students Perspective - Thanks For The Very Kind Words

Before we get into today's post, I'd like to share with you two very nice posts from three photographers we’ve met over these last few weeks.

First from John and his wife Susan who attended our Master Class.

DAZ MC CandidJohn writes, “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent Fall Master Class that we had the opportunity to take last week. Susan and I learned a bunch and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks also to LaDawn (for her efforts in the class as well as on the home front), Jennifer and all your staff and coaches that made it possible.”

John did a very extensive day by day write up on my Master Class right here. Thanks again John and Susan for the very kind words and the great coverage of the week!

Secondly from Kevin Braun from my Dave Cross Workshop

DAZ at DCWKevin Graham, who was signed up for my Dave Cross Workshop, had been contacting me for weeks about helping on my Tampa wedding.  I figured I could use the additional help and I agreed to have assist. It was baptism by fire - I gave Kevin a quick lesson on my Quantum strobe and how to use it about 30 minutes before the shoot.  We were off and running for the next 9 hours without much of a break.

Kevin did a great job - hey Kevin, you can help me anytime - he nailed the light placement and anticipated what I was going to do next and what I might need to make it happen.  The shoot went off perfectly and we got some great images of the couple.

On Monday we all gathered for my Monday workshop.  Kevin was one of the participants and did a great write up of his experience assisting me on my wedding and  my class right here.  He also some some terrific images from the Monday session.  You can find his post right here.  Thanks Kevin for all the kind words.

OK gang, we haven't had any quick hits posted for the last few weeks so I've got a nice supply for you today.  Why don't we get right to it.  Here we go.

A Few Quick Hits: Lightroom 3, Goggle+, and A Little Inspiration

1. Google+ Set Up Guide: 

With 40 million people signed up, the folks at Google must be doing something right.  Want to get off and running on the right foot with Google+, then check out the link right here to a very handy Google+ setup guide.

2. Lightroom Presets Just In Time For The Fall & More

Being in the middle of  Autumn and the beautiful fall colors, even in the Napa/Sonoma areas, I thought it would be appropriate to post a link to fellow blogger, Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom presets for Fall foliage.  You can find them right here.  Thanks Matt.

And while we’re on the subject of Lightroom 3, why not steer yourself over to and pick up their 5 most downloaded Lightroom presets right here. It keeps getting better all the time.

3. Looking Good At The Wedding

ThRedHeadsOK gang, got a classy black tie wedding to shoot?  Then go out there and shoot that wedding looking really good.  One of my favorite clients has been featured in this blog many times has just started a brand new business –  I love the concept – tux shirts that rock.

What I love is their ability now to do made-to-order tuxedo or dress shirts for wedding parties in a gorgeous array of 16 colors, as the couple may choose what best enhances their color scheme for a truly remarkable wedding! They also have four designs IN-STOCK for weddings that may happen sooner, including a fantastic Tartan which would look amazing for holiday & winter weddings.

Hey, I have my shirt and love it!  What a great idea to share with your wedding clients too.  You know, it’s always the difference that makes the difference – even in tux shirts. Check out their rockin’ tux shirts right here – nothing like them anywhere, you’re going to love them! –David

4. A Little Inspiration To Start The Week

My long time friend, Terry Deglau, has been posting to his blog, “A Creative Mind Is A Moving Target” for several months now.  Each post is more exciting than the next.  Terry has been part of this profession for many years first as a photographer, then a  very long stint at Kodak Company, and now retired Terry is sharing his rich lifelong experiences for photographers to read everywhere.

Terry BlogWhat we have available in Terry’s weekly blog is a peek into the mind of wonderful artist, photographer, and industry friend.  Each week’s post is a must read and I never miss them.  Check out his latest post exploring 100+ iconic portraits of all time.

In Terry’s words, “This is going to blow your socks off.  Kick back, grab a blanket on this chilly Sunday, a hot pot of coffee, and settle into your favorite chair, and just take in, consume, and enjoy these images of characters who formed our world around us.  I should publish these as a small coffee table book, to enjoy today, tomorrow, on and on.  I have read this post at least 10 times and after lunch, I will again.”  Here is the link right here.

5. The View From The Top Of The World

Mt EverestAre you ready for your mountaintop experience?  I have always been enthralled by stories featuring climbs to the top of Mount Everest.  I had a client who climbed many of the mountains in that part of the world including K2, another of the world’s tallest mountains.

Maybe I am living vicariously through the eyes of others who have made it to the top of the worlds tallest peaks.  Nevertheless that view must be a breathtaking sight.  How about following this link right here to see the first ever 360 degree panorama image ever taken from the top of the world.  Prepared to be inspired!


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  My Napa Experience workshop begins in just about an hour so I've got to be hitting the road.  I'm really looking forward to these next few days. Fran Russell, one of my former Master Class alums has set up our winery locations and all the models.  I hear both the models and the locations are amazing!  The really cool thing is that 2 of our Sedona alums are also attending the Napa Experience.  I have to say, I'm quite flattered.

We had a nice meet up at Fran’s studio last evening and everybody got a chance to meet and “break the ice” for the week. We have a great group and LaDawn and I are really looking forward to the next few days.

How about I check in with everyone bright and early tomorrow for recap of todays shoot and another mind bending (OK, that’s pushing it a little) fabulous Technique Tuesday.  I promise, it will be a good one.  It's title - Light Bending, Pixel Pushing, Sync Cheating Lighting!

Have a great day everybody.

See ya' tomorrow,  David

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