Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sumo Wrestlers Make Lousy Wedding Photographers!

Good Morning Everybody,

Sumo PhotogI was up bright and early this morning, got my workout in and found out I lost a few pounds.  That was a nice surprise.  You know the truth of the matter is that lighter people make better wedding photographers - they can move faster through the crowds, hit the floor for the low angle shots and still jump up up on the band stage for the wide angle dance candids. Sumo wrestlers make lousy wedding photographers ;~)

OK, I'm am half joking, but I do believe there is some truth in that statement.  A few years ago I was also faster, more nimble, and able to go from deep knee bends for that low angle shot to a full standing position in a second to snag the next important photograph.

Wedding 3Over the last few years and a few pounds more, I find I am missing some of my quickness.  Don't get me wrong.  I not using a walker yet and my 30 year old assistants still say they have trouble keeping up with me on our 9-10 hour wedding events. 

But, you know, wedding photography is a very physical, demanding job and anyone thinking differently is either crazy or not doing their job very well.  BTW, the fast pace, shooting 9 images per minute, and nailing all the shots is all part of the fun of being a wedding photographer. 

Wedding 2

I've always lived for the  weekend wedding event. It was the time of the week that I could "relax" - yes, relax, but in a different way than you might think.  Relax because I was/am in the groove when shooting a wedding.  I don't have to deal with the day-to-day phone calls, interruptions, and responsibilities of running my business.  All those things are important of course, but on the wedding, I'm free!  Free to just shoot, capturing the moments, the tears, the joys, the emotions and beauty of the day.  I love it!

I love trying something different on each wedding.  How about that new super wide angle lens or that new wide aperture telephoto lens. I love seeing how far I can push the gear.  Who says you can’t shoot at ISO 12,800?  I bet I'll capture some great images in that oxygen thin ISO range!

More importantly, it's not about  getting the perfect noise free shot - it's about the multitudes of additional shooting opportunities we have with the new digital gear.  No, not opportunities - new adventures, photographic adventures this new technology let's us explore, experiment and enjoy!

Wedding 1

You know, it comes to this for me.  Do I like my desk job during the week?  Or do I prefer being “in the hunt” on the weekend?  I prefer the excitement of the weekend so much more!  Folks, that's where the action, the excitement, the challenges, and the satisfaction lies in this wonderful profession of wedding photography. My goal of shedding a few extra pounds, allowing for those weekend events to be easier on my body and thus better for my clients is truly a GOOD thing.

Because this kind of attitude is the Difference That Makes The Difference in our profession, our lives, and our photography!


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I had a completely different post scheduled for today but once I started writing the words I may have gotten carried away.  I hope you don't mind.  I feel strongly about each word I wrote and I hope it gives you some insight into what I believe, how I work, and what I want to accomplish for my clients.

Have a great rest of the day.  We're heading to Columbus, OH in just a few hours and really looking forward to seeing the “Get In Motion” DSLR Video seminar this evening. 

Tomorrow – see ya' in Columbus,  David

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