Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Napa Experience Wrap Up & Great Images

Good Morning Everybody,

I can't believe it - we wrap my sold out Napa Experience Workshop today at noon, shift gears and then get ready for my Captured By The Light program this evening.  By the way, we still have maybe about 9 seats left and then it will be sold out too!

Napa10It has been a great few days hanging with my class and shooting the absolutely beautiful venues so perfectly arranged by Fran Russell, one of our classmates and all around photography event planner for my Napa Experience.  THANKS a ton Fran.

Napa12What I loved about yesterday's shooting experience was that you could see the members of the workshop really enjoying the way they were seeing the light.  They were excited to see the difference it made to their photographs.

Napa13Today we wrap the class with recorded print critiques of everyone's images, always a high point of my workshops. We will spend about 2 hours  going over the class's favorite image selections and also review the images I photographed this week.  Everyone will leave with a recorded copy of the critique -  a wonderful learning resource. 



Napa16For today's post I’ve shared a few of my favorite images with you.  I plan to share some of the class images and several of my images over these next several days.  I think you will really get a kick out of seeing them. 

We had some great models to work with and it was their great looks and wonderful cooperation that led to the terrific images we captured this week.

No plans for our next Experience Workshop are set just yet.  There has been talk of having one in the Chicago area.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.


Hey gang, I wish I could hang here a little longer but I've got class beginning in just about an hour and have a few things to prep.  How about I see you you tomorrow for our regular Business Day Thursday posts.  This week it's entitled, "Referrals Reinforce Results".  If you want to really get your business up to speed this is an essential post to read. 

Hope to,see you tomorrow, David


  1. Chicago would be GREAT David!

  2. Scotland would be even better!!

  3. Thank you so much David for a fantastic experience! I feel like I learned so much, and it has been almost painful to edit my images from the week BEFORE our class, as I now notice poorly place Horizon lines, bland lighting and TONS of the backs of hands! The horror ;)In all seriousness I am really excited to see where my new skills take me. Thank you! Jeneanne