Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Fantasy Island"

Fantasy Island

"Fantasy Island"
© David A. Ziser

Here is an image I made while walking across the lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii a few years ago. The setting is quite alien and surreal.  But this surreal setting against the blue sky really makes for a cool image.  You can find the original post right here with the entire back story on the image  – Lightroom processing included.

But now for the rest of the story.  Over the weekend NIK Software ran a special on their highly reviewed Snapseed iPad app [link].  Heck, for $1.99, I sprung for the 2 bucks and gave it a try. It is like way cool to play with.  This image was on my iPad already so I loaded it into Snapseed and in a few moments I had the image you see above.

Camera specs: Canon 5D fitted with Sigma 12-24mm lens at 13mm, F16 @ 1/400 second, ISO 400.  Enjoy!  -David

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