Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Lightroom, Social Media, ACR, & 3D

Good Late Afternoon Everybody,

We've been in beautiful Lexington, KY all weekend attending PhotoPro Summer School.  I have to tell you, it has been a great crowd and fabulous weekend.  I’m actually blogging this from Lynn Michelle's program.  Yes, time is tight but I still wanted to get the post out today.

Summer School

We had a great webcast with Gavin Seim, an HDR export, who wowed the crowd with detailed technique and fabulous images.  The cool thing about the webcast is that we conducted it in front of a live audience of about 40 lucky attendees.  In fact, if you want to catch a lot of Gavin's techniques that he shared with us, catch his blog and on-line resources in the link list below.

Lynn MYesterday was a very long day beginning at 9:00a.m. We got to hear from Damien Tepe, A.J. Woods, and Kevin Ames.  All offered a tremendous amount of information and received rave reviews from the audience.  At the end of this post, I'll also post links to their sites where you can pick up a lot of the info they shared with us this weekend.

After our shootout we wrapped about 11:00p.m. last night - whew!  And then we were up at 5:30a.m. for the kick off of Lynn Michelle's Sunrise Safari program at 6:30a.m. - no rest for the weary.

DAZ w speakersWe wrap today with Kevin and A.J presenting again on ACR and Lightroom.  Lynn Michelle is covering the afternoon session with her wedding and boudoir programs - Great programs!!  Be sure to check out her blog below - she blogs 5/days week, too.

Another nice thing about these conferences are the great people you meet.  Yesterday during our shoot out, I spotted the most unusual shooting rig I have ever seen - twin telephotos on a double Rebel set up!  Why - 3D shooting!!!  Check out  his website below.  Don't miss the galleries, but be sure you have the red/green 3D glasses - very cool!

Hey gang, time has been very tight today. I'm going to cut the post short today so I can get back to the program.  Let me point you towards the links I promised above. Spend some time exploring them - tons of great info!


Gavin Seim – HDR and more: [link]

A.J. Wood – Social Media Marketing, Lightroom, and more: [link]

A.J. Wood – YouTube Videos [link]

Kevin Ames - ACR:  [link]

Kevin Ames – and more:   [link]

Lynn Michelle – Blog:  [link]

Bridal emergency kit; [link]

Ron Curtis  3D:


I plan to still get a picture post up later today.  And, I'll get something up tomorrow too, just not sure what quite yet.  Things should be back to normal on Wednesday when I'm back in the studio. 

Have a good one, I'll see ya' soon.


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