Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lumapix:Fotofusion Available On A MAC – YES!!!!! & One Light Window Light

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Hey gang, right out of the gate I've got some GREAT news to tell you about.  Anybody that knows me or has been to any of my seminars knows that I'm a HUGE fan of Lumapix:Fotofusion!  It is simply the best collating and album design software on the planet. Actually we use it for all our design pieces, marketing pieces and 

LumaPix: FotoFusion Now On A MAC

Lumapix on MAC

OK, the good news for all MAC users out there - LumaPix:Fotofusion is officially now available for the MAC!!!  I just got off the phone with Michael Sheasby, the president of Lumapix, who just called to give me the great news.  Press releases will go out in a few days, but you did hear it first right here at DigitalProTalk.com.

Here is the great news - we are shipping the MAC version as we speak and we have it bundled with some money saving offers for you at our Digital Resource Center - here is the link right here.  Check it out - way cool stuff!!!

Michael has also agreed to appear right here at DigitalProTalk.com in a "LIVE" webcast within the next few weeks.  We are going to check each others schedules so stay tuned, you won't want to miss this opportunity to take the LumaPix:Fotofusion guided tour from the person who invented the software.  I can't wait!!!

That said, let's get on with today's Technique Tuesday.

One Light Classic Studio Portraits On Location

KidsLast year I ran this tutorial on one light portraits and showed you how easy it was to take some really great studio portraits with only one light and a large umbrella.  The umbrella I used at the time was a large umbrella prototype I was working on the development with Westcott.  Folks have been emailing and calling asking when that umbrella was going to be available.  Well, I've got more good news for you.  Westcott's 84" parabolic umbrella is shipping right now.  You can pick it up over at B&H right here.

I have to admit, I like this very large umbrella.  I use it for diffusing the sun outdoors and shooting with it in the studio as shown in today's tutorial.  Sure, other larger umbrellas will work.  I just prefer the 84" monster.  The video discusses all aspects of using a large umbrella when shooting classic studio portraits.  Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I hope for all those that have been waiting you take advantage of the LumaPix for MAC now available.

I still have lots on my plate before we leave for NYC early tomorrow morning.  I suspect the post will go up after we get settled into our hotel in the afternoon.  I know the posting schedule has been crazy lately, but so has been my life ;~) Like they say, too much to do and too little time. 

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you from the Big Apple tomorrow.

See ya' then everybody,  David


  1. David, I have seen a beta, and will give the release a try, but I am a little disappointed. It is not a native Mac app. It is a tweaked windows app running under crossover. For other apps, and the beta I tried there are speed/memory issues, inconsistent buttons and other graphics and dialogs, and obviously it doesn't have the look and feel of a Mac app. You will even see C: references in the dialog boxes. I used to use the open source Wine project on Linux, and the Crossover Office group has done a great job of trying to fake out a windows system, but there were always issues. With the strides that parallels has made I might just be sticking with that option.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Yes, the earlier beta had those issues. Michael tells me the speed issues are resolved and that it has more of a MAC look and feel now. Hey, it's all about the functionality anyway. Be sure to catch the webcast. And thanks for following.

  3. Nice to hear Mac news. Thanks for sharing


  4. I agree with Chris. I have been looking at the beta version and it does not at all have a Mac feel to it. There are also some bugs in the program that are quite serious. I really hope they take a little longer to fix these before they push it out. Having said that, I still love the program and the Mac version is welcomed.

  5. love your use of the "luminance" slider for skin tone. I discovered that recently as well...and use it all the time for newborns! It really does a nice job. The "clarity" slider is nice too...but sometimes causes too much detail loss. Have you noticed any situations where raising the luminance doesn't work on a portrait? It seems even if you raise it all the way it doesn't make the image look too funky.

    I had another question, I bought Lumapix FotoFusion at your Captured By the Light tour last fall in Detroit. (Loved the tour!) I thought I remembered you talking about the coming release of the mac version at the event...and mentioning something about an upgrade (platform or version, I can't remember) being included with the purchase. Maybe I'm not recalling correctly, but could you refresh my memory on what the deal was? Thanks!