Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick Hit Monday On Wednesday: Weddings; Genius of Photography; Inspiration; and Photoshop Freebies

Good Morning Everybody,

It sure feels good getting back home after the whirlwind weekend we just experienced. As president and event coordinator for PhotoPro Summer School, my free time was in very, VERY limited supply for much else including my blog.  Nevertheless, I hoped you enjoyed the Monday post and links.  I believe it included a lot of good information.

Today, we're taking it a little slower around the studio which is giving me the time to blog a bit more leisurely with today's post.  I really enjoy the posting to my blog when I’m not "under the gun" like I unfortunately experienced these past few days.  Anyway, I thought what I'd do today is kind of a Quick Hit Monday post on Wednesday.  I had a lot of cool stuff cued up but ran short on time never got to it posted.  Let's take care of that today.  Here we go...

Quick Hit Monday On Wednesday

The Genius Of Photography: One Great Series

This is one my favorite items I’m sharing with you today.  I caught it coming across my Twitter feed, clicked the [link] and very much enjoyed the YouTube video on the subject.  There are several in this series and I can’t wait to get back to them.  If you enjoy photography, I think you’ll really enjoy this Genius of Photography series, too.  Here is the first segment of the first episode below.


Wedding Central: Fun, Funny, and Informative

Redneck wedding jokeOK gang, we’re pretty heavy in the wedding department today.  I think you’ll get a big kick out of some of the wedding treasures I’ve come up.  Like I said – fun, funny, and informative.  Here we go.

  1. Wedding Day Timing Tips For Photographers [link]
  2. 50 Creative Examples of Professional Wedding Photography [link]
  3. Wedding Traditions Around The World [link]
  4. How To Add $1000 lenses to your iPhone [link]
  5. Now Its Really Over!  Here’s a wedding shot entirely on the iPhone – pretty scary ;~)

Time To Get Inspired – Photographically Speaking

I love finding the gold nuggets of inspirational photography links on the blogsphere.  I’ve got several for you today.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I love sharing them with you.

1. Stunning Surreal Photography by Jerry Uelsmann [link]

You’ve got to check this out.  Jerry Uelsmann has been an inspiration to me almost since the beginning of my interest in photography many, many years ago. 

UelsmannJerry’s work is reminiscent of what we are seeing visual artists create in Photoshop these days.  The kicker is that NONE of Jerry’s images were digitally manipulated in any way.  He was a film shooter and was creating these kind of images in his darkroom.  That makes looking at these images even more amazing!

2. 120+ Magnificent Natural Landscape Photographs [link

This is truly an amazing collection of some of the most beautiful, exciting landscapes images I’ve ever seen.  Here is an example from the collection.  This image is by Peter Bowers [link].

Peter Bowers

Studio lesson20 Excellent Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals [link].   This is actually a pretty darn good set of tutorials covering topics from Portrait and Model photography, Studio Lighting, Macro photography, and on and on.  Bookmark this link for sure – tons of info to re-visit on more than one occasion!

More Photoshop Freebies

Yep, I’ve got another set of Photoshop freebies for you today.  Good info and FREE stuff – enjoy!

  1. Restoring a Photograph from the 1870s – A very good copy/restoration Tutorial:  [link]
  2. 44 Free Cool and Stylish Brush Fonts [link]


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Even though I did my Quick Hit Monday post on Wednesday, it still feels good to be back in the blogging chair.  I hope to see everybody tomorrow for another episode of Business Day Thursday: The Engagement Continues…

Hope to see you then,  -David

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