Friday, July 22, 2011

My NYC Charity Photo-walk Happens Tomorrow – Come On Down!

Good Morning Everybody,

HeatwaveOne thing I like about the folks in NYC is how friendly they are.  For some reason that's not been the perception of visitors to the city.  I always enjoy walking up and talking with just about anybody and that's what I've been doing while visiting in NYC.  Everybody has been friendly, helpful, and smiling in every instance - NYC is a great city to visit.

We spent our second day, a city with temperatures slowing rising up to the broiling level.  It only went down to 87 degrees last night and is it heading up to 102 today with a heat index of 115!  A lot of the northeast is in the grip of this record setting heat wave, but we still need to be thankful - it's 119 in Desert City, CA - WOW!

Let me just say, yesterday was not the day to head to the New York Botanical Gardens - way too hot on our "walk-around". We're trying to stay cooler today.

My NYC Charity Photo-walk Happens Tomorrow – Come on Down!

Photowalk shoesThe heat is on but I still hope we have a few photographers show up. Apparently there was a snafu in the registration process so I'm not sure how many folks will show up for the walk.  We're meeting at the Washington Square Park Arch at 10:00 a.m. and then heading out for a two hour stroll around the city.

I'll be joined by my friends from Animoto and maybe a friend or two from B&H.  It should be fun and we're looking forward to making a few new friends.  I sure hope you'll join us.  Remember, proceeds benefit Operation Smile, a well respected worldwide organization dedicated to bringing smiles back to children with cleft pallet.  You can get all the info right here.  See ya' tomorrow.

And speaking of Animoto, I'm doing a guest webcast for them next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. I don't have any details yet but check back Monday and I should have more information for you.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  It’s going to be just other day trying to stay cool in the BIG Apple.  You try to do the same in what ever part of the world you live ;~). I'll see you next week same time, same station.

Stay cool,  David

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