Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Technique Tuesday: Lightroom Secrets Revealed: Auto Mask Magic

Good Morning Everybody,

We've only got two more days in the city and then we head back home on Thursday morning. Yesterday did not go quite as planned.  We worked in our hotel room into the early afternoon and finally left the hotel around 3:00 p.m.

Rainy DayThe minute we hit the street we saw that there was a slight drizzle coming down – back to the room to grab an umbrella.  I bought one from one the several street vendors that miraculously appear the moment raindrops begin to fall. We joined the NYC umbrella-ed masses.

LaDawn suggested a walk up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – heck, it was only 35 blocks away, it was raining – why not, and off we went. About 45 minutes later and only a block or two away I pulled up the website and saw – Whoops! – the Museum is closed on Monday. 

With it still raining, we heading back the 2 miles to the hotel in even heavier falling rain.  Oh well, we got our exercise in for the day.  We’ve walked about 20 miles through  NYC so far.  Oh, did I mention that the “cheap” umbrella I purchased 3 hours earlier was falling apart on me as we walked back.  What a day – I just began humming that song from Annie, “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow…” ;~)

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Time to get moving with this week's brand new Technique Tuesday.  Here we go.

Amazing Secrets Of Lightroom 3 - Making The Adjustment Brush Auto Mask Actually Work

Lightroom's Auto Mask feature in the Adjustment Brush pallet has been frustrating at best.  I just wish it would work as promised.  I'm a heavy handed retoucher meaning that I like to get the job done quickly and efficiently but still without compromise.  With my heavy handed use, I sometimes tend to leave a halo around some of the edges of buildings against skies in some of my projects.  I'm usually able to finesse around the issue but that means using precious extra time.

But in today's tutorial I want to share with you how I got the Adjustment Brush's Auto Mask feature to work beautifully.  It's all a matter of thinking in reverse, thinking backwards as it were.  I’m hinting at what I recently discovered about the Auto Mask feature.  Why not hit the PLAY button below and check out my new Lightroom secret.  Prepared to be amazed!  OK, maybe that's over the top a bit, but I still think you'll like this short tip.  Enjoy!


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Hope you'll join me on tomorrow's webcast.  And don't forget to register for the Sales webcast next week with Chuck Lewis.  I'm letting the world know via email next week and I suspect the seats will go fast. Our DPT readers have first notice - just remember, if you snooze, you might just lose a space;~)

And, don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the beginning of my brand new Photography/Lighting Series – “It Was The Best Of Days, It Was The Worst Of Days - How To Get Your Best Image Under Any Conditions.”

See ya' then,  David


  1. awesome, I've hated that white line as well.

  2. David,
    Thank you so much. I wouldn't even have tried this in Lightroom before now. I've always pulled it into Photoshop. Thanks very much for this time saving tip!!!


  3. I find this issue kind of funny. I have had the same frustration and out of the frustration I ended up doing eactly the same thing as you did - working in reverse.

    Hopefully Adobe will be able to fix that in future releases.


  4. Excellent tip - Thanks, David. This has been a big frustration.

  5. David,

    Thanks! I didn't even know what was making the white lines! Great info!