Friday, May 27, 2011

What A Week – Great People, Great Images, and Two Great Classes Wrapped!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Day 4 -IMG_8372It was a beautiful Spring day as we boarded our Delta jet and climbed to about 30,000 feet heading for home.  What a week it's been - four days of non-stop shooting, the longest GRID episode and season finale, 3 D-Town episodes in the can, and several wrap up videos completed by this morning. Whew!  But like I said to Adam, our lead videographer, it was a lot of hard work by all of us this week, but it sure was fun too!

Day 4 -IMG_8498-Edit-EditAdam and I both felt that our shooting/training sessions are some of the best we’ve worked on together. I was thinking I had it tough being in my jacket in the blazing hot sun hours at a time, but then I think of Adam carrying around 50+ pounds of Steadicam and video gear.  We all worked hard - Adam, Brandon, and Meredith - my sincere thanks to them for all their great efforts over 4 long days and a few evenings. 

Day 4 -IMG_8593-EditAlso my thanks to my wonderful wife LaDawn, who served as my lighting assistant and part time art director for the shooting sessions - Yes, even she was standing out in that hot sun too.  I think her suggestions and ideas really added a lot to the content I was presenting in these videos.

Also, my thanks to our models, Brittany and Colby on Monday and Tuesday; and Hope and Ben on Wednesday and Thursday.  Thanks to their professional manner, the shooting sessions went smoothly and efficiently.

Day 4 -IMG_8666-EditAnd finally my thanks to Kelby Training and all the folks behind the scenes who magically get the entire class pulled together making me look good and creating a wonderful training experience for all of you.

My excitement with the training sessions rests in the fact that they were NOT wedding specific videos.  I never once pointed my camera at a wedding couple.  That fact was important in the lessons I was trying to teach - the main emphasis being that all the lessons and core content in these training sessions will work cross platform for any assignment regardless of the people photographed.

Day 4 -IMG_8766-Edit-EditEven though the specific intent of the videos was not lighting, we still wrestled with the light many times throughout the week and you will really enjoy how we handled the challenges we encountered. Most challenging was working in the hot, bright, direct, blazing, 90-95 degree Tampa sun.  I would have to call it the worst lighting conditions I have ever tried to photograph in.  In spite of the difficulties, we still pulled off some amazing images and wonderful video instruction.

Another highlight of the week for me was in the variety of locations in which we got to shoot - from an urban park in downtown Tampa, to two more traditional parks around the city, to the Kapok Gardens, and finally a private mansion on the water.  Each location offered a wonderful set of possibilities for creative portraits. I hope you enjoy the several images thru-out this post.

Day 4 -IMG_8812-EditOver the next few days, I'll post a few more with the EXIF data, lighting details, and backstory on each posting.  I hope when you watch the videos after they're completed that you'll find them wildly informative, entertaining, and easy to follow along.  We all worked hard to give you the best training videos ever.


Hey gang, that really is it for me today.  We just landed about an hour ago and it is definite time for an adult beverage ;~). I hope your car wins at Indy this weekend, you don't burn the burgers on the grill, and I hope you have a great time with family and friends if your planning any holiday celebrations,

I'll plan to see you next Monday for a brief holiday message so until then…. Have a great weekend,  David

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